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VIDEO: Morocco Part 1

This is the first of 3 videos of our recent 2 week visit to Morocco through Overseas Adventure Travel.

We wanted to immerse ourselves deeply in a Muslim culture, in a place that was safe and where foreigners are welcome. We found Morocco to be just that.  The people are warm and friendly (except, perhaps, the guy in a Marrakech square who insisted on draping live snakes around our necks) and the culture is deep, interesting and open.

Although a monarchy, the everyday Moroccans we spoke with had enormous pride in their country, which under the current King, Mohammed VI, has seen dramatic advances in education, health care, gender equality and public improvements.The second-ever parliamentary elections were recently held and although Parliament’s role is more advisory than final, Moroccans are proud of this event.

Depending on location, French, Arabic and Berber are the usual languages and often all three can be heard simultaneously. The population is nearly entirely Muslim and practice an Islam which emphasizes peace, non-violence and respect.  The population rejects fundamentalist “islamic ” extremists and declares that those movements have nothing to do with Islam, but are driven by political factors and greed.

Muslims in Morocco recognize and embrace Christians and Jews as brothers and sisters, having common roots in the Abrahamic belief of one God. We heard more than one Moroccan declare that he “believes” in all three religions.  Even practitioners of polytheistic religions such as Hinduism are respected.

All in all, it was a busy and eye-opening two weeks. I hope that these videos give you a taste of our experience.


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