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Old Cessey’s Beach Postcard

Joey     Here is a scan of an old postcard of Cressey’s beach probobly from the 50″s? We lived just over the hill on Western Ave & trecked to the beach every week day ( weather permiting) with all the Moms & kids spending the day.

I thought you would enjoy seeing it. I was sad to see that our dragon is gone.

Cheers & Happy Summer.

If you are ever in Asheville, come by the shop & say hello. Shop name is Earth Guild.

Blair Logue

Cutting The Ribeye Cap & Filet 

Since Stop and Shop East Gloucester has been having specials on Rib Roasts I thought it would be a good idea to share videos showing how to break these awesome deals down.  Whenever you see a Rib Roast for under $6 per pound you’re crazy not to buy it and it’s simple enough to break down into steaks. IMO it’s the best cut of meat on the animal.

Basics of Meditation

Cape Ann Wellness

Thursday, April 20 6-7 PM



Join experienced meditation teacher and Gloucester native Pat O’Brien for a practical “how to” session. You will get clear guidance and tips on meditation based on age old Buddhist wisdom. Pat is a long time practitioner of Baptiste yoga and meditation teacher. This workshop will be accessible to all and you’ll leave brimming with newfound confidence.

Pat O’Brien, Ph.D., is the director of The Mindful Clinic, a Harvard Medical School trained immunologist, and clinical research scientist. She spent half of her career as a corporate executive in biotechnology companies, has been practicing meditation for 20 years and various forms of Hatha yoga for 18 years. Dr. Pat is a Baron Baptiste Certified yoga teacher; she teaches meditation, yoga classes, and private therapeutic one-on-one yoga.
Dr. Pat’s teaching emphasizes connection with the true self and healing. Although educated in traditional medicine, Dr Pat has long been passionate…

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I just used Fiverr to hire someone to create an 8×8 GMG stencil for me and ship it to my house for $10

I just used Fiverr to hire someone to create an 8×8 GMG stencil for me and ship it to my house for $10. @Alicia Cox used Fiverr to pay a guy $5 to create a musical intro for The Alicia Unleashed Podcast. There are a ton of services that you might think were too costly for you to have done but there is probably someone on Fiverr that can get the job done for you for $5. I highly recommend it!  

Here’s a link to Fiverr, you can have little gods created for $5 and pretty much anything you can think of

Check out the stencil I had made(total turn around time 4 days delivered to my house)-

Poetry at the Cape Ann Museum

Cape Ann Community

Poetry Workshop at the Cape Ann Museum

Saturday, April 29 from 10:30 a.m. to 12:00 p.m.

In this workshop, former North Andover poet laureate Gayle Heney will teach participants how to write poetry using the Museum’s collections as inspiration, concentrating on the new exhibition, Charles Movalli: Cape Ann & Beyond. As time allows, participants will be introduced to poetry prompts, stanzas, quatrains, ekphrastic poetry and experimental poetry. Depending on interest, discussion of the editing process and the option to read/perform may also be included.

 $10 CAM members/ $20 nonmembers (includes Museum admission). Space is limited; reservations required. For more information email Tickets can be purchased online at Eventbrite or by calling (978) 283-0455 x10.

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May 5th Blood Drive at Our Lady of Good Voyage – The Gloucester Knights of Columbus is hosting a blood drive for the American Red Cross at Our Lady of Good Voyage Hall on May 5th from 1 pm to 6 pm. To make an appointment please call 1-800-733-2767 or go to:

Internationally Acclaimed Organist Joonho Park plays Bach on April 22nd

Cape Ann Community

The Gloucester Meetinghouse Foundation is pleased to present young Korean organ virtuoso Joonho Park performing an all-Bach program in a progressive organ recital. He teaches at the University of Texas at Austin and is the winner of many international organ competitions.  Joonho Park has been hailed as an amazing talent with exquisite technique and exciting musicality.  He will be playing some of the most technically demanding and beloved organ works of Johann Sebastian Bach.

The first half will be performed in the Meetinghouse, home of the Gloucester Unitarian Universalist Church, on the distinguished 1893 Hutchings pipe-organ, restored by world-renowned Gloucester organ-builder Charles Fisk in 1962.  George Hutchings built the original Boston Symphony Hall organ in 1903 and his instruments are known for their beautiful tone colors and powerful foundation stops.

At the intermission, the audience will stroll next door for the second half of the concert in St. John’s Episcopal…

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Forest Bathing; Earth Day Celebration April 22nd

Cape Ann Wellness

Your Bridge to Health; Promoting Optimal Wellness for Mind, Body and Spirit

Earth Day. Saturday April 22nd. 10 a.m. – 1 p.m. Gloucester MA.
Shinrin-yoku, (forest bathing) the Japanese practice of making contact with and taking in the atmosphere of the forest. Studies show that forest environments:
  • promote lower concentrations of cortisol (stress hormone,)
  • lower pulse rate,
  • lower blood pressure,
  • boost the immune system,
  • lower sympathetic nerve activity (decreased stress)
  • greater parasympathetic nerve activity (increased relaxation.)

Join us for a gentle walk and meditation in nature and experience the health benefits of shinrin-yokuOn this leisurely walk you will be encouraged to use all of your senses as you allow the beautiful setting in nature to lower your stress levels, boost your immune system and improve your overall health. No experience with meditation necessary.

Simple breathing relaxation and meditation exercises will be taught.

Advance Registration Required. Register Early…

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Delta Terminal and Dunks

I’d like either Cape Ann Coffee or Lone Gull or Willow Rest To Open Up At Logan. Please and Thank You.

So we get through the TSA screeners and inside the Delta Terminal.  With the 2:45AM wake up time a Kate and I were looking forward to a coffee.  Her order- Iced French Vanilla.  She heads to the gate with the two youngest, and my oldest The Bean stays back to get coffees with me.

There’s about six or seven dining options including Fresh City Wraps, Friendlies, Dunks and some burrito place, all serving breakfast.  Line at Dunks is 40 deep.  Biggest line at the other spots is 3 people max. 

I go to Fresh City Wraps because they are serving breakfast and ask for an iced coffee, they say they don’t have iced coffee.  They’re serving coffee.  They have ice.   But they won’t sell me an iced coffee.  

Go to the next stall, the Burrito place which is also open, serving breakfast.  “Can I get an iced coffee?”  

“No, we don’t sell iced coffee.”  

But they’ve got coffee, and they’ve got mountains of ice.”

They just won’t put the ice in the coffee and take my money completing the transaction like a normal business would.

We all know and have become accustomed to getting ass raped by shtty airport food pricing not to mention shitty airport food, but I can’t for the life of me figure out why in the world the management of these chains have decided that it’s a good business decision to not take my money for stuff they have at their fingertips even when they could have porked me at overpriced airport pricing. 

Meanwhile at the very next stall to the Burrito place Dunks has a line 40 deep and they are twiddling their thumbs at Fresh City Wraps and The Burrito place. 

Only thing I could think of was that maybe Dunks has a deal where only they and Starbucks can sell Iced coffee? Could that be? Otherwise the management at Fresh City Wraps and the Burrito place need to be fired immediately for not offering overpriced airport iced coffee when they sell coffee and have ice.

Am I crazy for thinking this is crazy?

Sawyer Free Library, Week of April 16-22


The Sawyer Free Library will be CLOSED on Monday, April 17 for Patriots’ Day. 


Bring in your donation of non perishable foods during the month of April and the Sawyer Free Library will waive your fines (sorry this does not apply to lost or damaged items).


Where is it 2017




Get the most out of your library experience! These Technology Seminars will teach you about many of the valuable library tools available to you. Please register as space is limited! Tech Seminar for Lewis April 2017


Lou Upcycling

Jungle Jim Minecraft Flyer 2017




thumbnail_2017 Save the date

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