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Happy National Dog Day Everyone! Except Joey.

Only a dog owner can appreciate a dogs love. When you get home after a few hours away from them and they are about to explode at the door just for a hug don’t know the feeling. If you want to experience and feel the love and have the time “adopt don’t shop”.
Visit Cape Ann Animal Aid and I’m sure you’ll fall in love with your BFF.




Private Property?

Private Property?



“Art, Rocks!” Sunday! Heads Up! 08/16/2015 at 5:00pm

I heard an Art Rock will be left somewhere on the Harbor Walk on the Waterfront today 08/16/2015 at 5:00pm.

A post on GMG at 4:59pm will give a hint of it’s location.

Try to find it if you dare or don’t if you don’t give a crap. :)



“Art, Rock’s!” The Fort. FOUND!

“The “Art, Rock’s!” The Fort” was found a day after I left it.

Toby Pett waited a day to give others a chance.

Email From Toby:

“Thank you. ..I waited a whole day…As no one else claimed it, I now have my second. ..perhaps I will loan them to a museum for an exhibition. ..” Toby Pett

I think I have to be dead Toby before a museum would ever display any of my work :)

Thanks for responding Toby!

“Art, Rocks!”? WTF are they about?


I started to draw on ocean rocks in 2010. The first rock I drew on and left was at Pebble Beach in Rockport, Ma.

I heard a couple of songs on the radio while I was sketching down there. They were “Message in a Bottle” and “Take Me I’m Yours”. It was found a week later. I got a nice email from the finder so I started to do more. some I got responses and some not and I got some very touching emails from the finders.

I got an email the other day after I left one at the Fort Playground. She was wondering what was this about. She wanted to know if she had to; Return it, leave it somewhere else or pay for it.

We have a few more new readers of GMG since 2010 and I thought everyone who has read GMG knew what this “Art, Rocks!” thing was about.

So here is the answer, I think.

When I go for a ride and the mood hit’s me, I’ll stop by one of my favorite locations around Cape Ann and draw the scene in front of me with a Sharpie Marker. I leave my email address on it in case anyone would want to say they found it. They always have the “Art, Rock’s!” wording on them. Anyone can go look for them and there is no catch, nothing to buy, just keep it if you like, send an email and/or photo to share if you like there is no obligation to do that.

I hope this explains WTF is an “Art, Rock’s!” Rock. If anyone else can explain it beter be my guest please.

Here are some photos and links to some “Art, Rock’s!” posts.



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