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Where was I Painted?

I needed a change of scenery from my chair  So I got another painting out of the storage unit that my dad’s paintings are stored.

I removed the painting of “Good Harbor Beach winter” scene and replaced it with a painting my father did En Plein Air from the late 70’s of a Schooner docked in Gloucester Harbor.

Can you guess where this painting below was painted from?


Close up

Close up

CLICK HERE to check out information on my Dad’s paintings that are for sale


From Brother Walnut’s Kitchen

Brother Walnut’s “official Authentic  Irish Boiled Dinner”



1 head Chopped Cabbage
5 Chopped peeled potatoes
4 Chopped carrots
1 slab of Corned beef
Absolutely no flavorful Spices
Gloucester Tap Water

Toss all ingredients in a large pan.
Make sure all ingredients are covered by Gloucester tap water.
Cook on high for approximately 3 hours.
Boiling time may vary.
Just make sure all flavor of the ingredients are removed before
Your gonna need it.


Time To Pay The Piper

From the Urban Dictionary;

To pay a price that you deem high or unfair, but failing to pay the price often results in dire consequences.

Based on the story of the Pied Piper, who removed the rats from a town, and when not paid, he took their children instead!

“Don’t you know the Mafia collects protection here? If you want to run a business in this town, you have to pay the piper.”

By Popular Demand Paul Frontiero Sr. Paintings

I’ve received emails regarding my Dad’s Paintings and if they are for sale.

Now that the weather is better I will be able to show them to anyone interested in purchasing.

I have many left that are just sitting in the storage unit not being enjoyed.

There are just so many that can hang on my walls.

The sizes of the paintings range between 5″x7″ and up

The price range is $75.00 and up

Also I’m in the market for a used car a trade would be considered.

Here are some photos of some of the paintings that are available.

You can contact me by email



FOUND! One Art Rock 02/28/2016

From: Robyn Salvanelli;

Sara Salvanelli, Age 7 found her first Art Rock this morning!



We don’t mind at all if you post the photo of Sara. We read the GMG post this morning and thought it might be a fun adventure to go searching for the art rock. We had a terrific time searching together this morning, it was a great way to spend a sunny Sunday morning together. This was another opportunity to show my daughter what a special place Gloucester is to live in. She is going to start an ‘Art Rocks’ collection and can’t wait to search for the next one.
Thank you for sharing your art and the love of Gloucester,”
Robyn Salvanelli

Happy 32nd Birthday Paul Frontiero III

Today is Paul’s 32nd Birthday
Happy birthday Paul!
We miss him a lot.
Hope he’s having fun driving his purple convertible around the clouds.



Paul and his cousin Linea. Born on the same day hours apart in the room next door


Paul and me on his birth day

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