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FOUND! Art Rock, 05/28/2015 Good Harbor Beach

FOUND! “Art Rocks!”  05/28/2015 Good Harbor Beach

"I'm the lucky one today! I went to the side of Good Harbor Beach 
certain that the rock would be gone and couldn't believe it when I 
spotted it! I had gone to Lanes Cove too late last week and never 
thought I would have another chance. Very very special. Hope to meet you
 someday! Thank you soo much! What fun!!" 
Becareful what you wish for Aurise!  :)


motif rocks

“Art, Rocks!”

Better Late Than Never!

I received an email a few weeks ago from a 10 year old boy who when he was nine years old at the time he found one of my “Art,Rocks!” a Rock that I left at T-Wharf in Rockport on 09/04/2010. I think that was about 9 months ago. I remember leaving it there after having a cup of coffee and watching the Lobstermen get ready for their day. About 5am. I always wonder about the ones I leave that don’t get reported back to the email I leave on them. Currently the last three that I’ve left in the past two weeks that I never gave notice on GMG Have not been reported back. Which is fine. In this world we live in now, maybe people think there is a catch too this thing. Maybe they think I want money for it. Emails like Coopers who found it is payment enough! I will never ask anything for them. An email would be nice but, If I don’t get a response that’s fine too! Mystery and fantasy is what makes life! isn’t it?

Here’s the email from Cooper and Photos of the “Art, Rock!” He found! Who could ask for anything more?!!!! Thanks Cooper!

Am I a little weird? Maybe! :)

from Cooper;

Dear mr or mrs frontiero. I picked up one of your pictures of the motif in a parking lot in rockport on 9-4-2010. I am very sorry not to get back to you sooner. I am a 10 year old boy and I’m in fourth grade at st johns in Beverly Massachusetts . I picked it up when i was nine with my aunt and little sister delaney who is now 6. That is my lucky rock because that day I won a contest at bearskin neck country store. You are a beautiful artist. Sincerely , Cooper




From Awesome Gloucester’s FaceBook Page;

“Tonight’s Awesome Gloucester’s micro-grant winner of $1000 was matched by the Gloucester Education. Two incredible groups of O’Maley Innovation Middle School students were awarded $1000 each. Congratulations to the students as well as their teachers and parents who supported these amazing kids!”

Awesome Gloucester's photo.
Awesome Gloucester's photo.
Awesome Gloucester's photo.
Awesome Gloucester's photo.

Memorial Day 2015 In Memory of the Ones we Love!

In Memory


Paul’s locker at Eascare

paul III

Paul F Frontiero III 1984-2011

 Paul F Frontiero 1925-2012

From Cathy Frontiero’s Facebook Page;

“Remembering our veterans today especially Our Papa. A true gentleman, a wonderful man, the best father inlaw a girl could ask for!!!”

Paul F Frontiero 1925-2012 Navy Coxswain LCVP WWII Pacific Theater, Siapan, Tinian, Tarawa, Leyte, Gilbert Islands, Soloman’s Island.



“BLAZE” 2001-2015

She got me through a lot of hard times. Now she is keeping my Father and Son company.


Like the Coast Guard doesn’t have a hard enough job!

Like the Coast Guard doesn’t have a hard enough job!

SEATTLE — Coast Guard personnel assisted in the removal of an activist who secured himself to the anchor chain of the Arctic Challenger in Bellingham, Wash., Sunday morning.

Matt Fuller requested Coast Guard assistance down from the vessel’s anchor chain at approximately 4:30 a.m. and was taken to Coast Guard Station Bellingham.

Coast Guard personnel transported him in good condition to Station Bellingham were he was met by EMS and the Bellingham Police Department but was not arrested.  Fuller was released in good condition.

The Coast Guard has cited four people for violation of the 100-yard safety zone around the Arctic Challenger and has terminated the voyage of two vessels determined to not have had the required safety gear including operating without navigational lights after sunset.  A small inflatable raft was held due to lack of proof of ownership.

“The Coast Guard has a duty to promote the safety of life at sea, which includes the encouragement of safe navigation in our ports and waterways by all waterway users, said Lt. Cmdr. Justin Noggle, chief of enforcement at Coast Guard Sector Puget Sound, in Seattle. “The Coast Guard respects the First Amendment Rights of people to safely and lawfully assemble on the water.  To that end, we will enforce those laws and regulations necessary to ensure the safety of the maritime public.”

Violation of the safety zone can result in possible civil or criminal penalties. Whether intentional or unintentional, interference with these vessels has the potential to result serious injury, death or pollution in the highly sensitive ecosystem of Puget Sound.

Pair Chains Themselves to Shell Ship Near Seattle to Protest Arctic Drilling

BELLINGHAM, Wash. — Two people have chained themselves to a support ship that is part of Royal Dutch Shell’s exploratory oil drilling plans and currently moored in Washington state.

Eric Ross of the Backbone Campaign said on Saturday morning that Matt Fuller joined student activist Chiara Rose in suspending themselves from the anchor chain of the Arctic Challenger, which is in Bellingham Bay.

Rose suspended herself from the ship with a climbing harness on Friday night in protest to Shell’s plan for Arctic drilling.

Image: Activist Chiara Rose suspended herself in a climbing harness onto the anchor chain Reese Semanko
Activist Chiara Rose suspended herself Saturday in a climbing harness onto the anchor chain of the Arctic Challenger in Bellingham Bay, Washington. She is leading a protest against Shell’s plan for Arctic drilling.

The Coast Guard cutter Osprey spent the night monitoring Rose but took no action, Petty Officer 3rd Class Katelyn Shearer said Saturday morning. “We’re really most concerned for her safety and the safety of everyone involved,” Shearer said.

Ross said both Rose and Fuller are fine and are not being harassed by the Coast Guard. But he expressed concern for Rose’s health and said she must be getting dehydrated and tired after her night above the water.

Authorities spoke with the woman and asked her to remove herself. “There’s no plans right now to do anything further,” Shearer said.

The ship isn’t scheduled to leave the port for several days.

— The Associated Press



Flab is the new fab.

“No need to lose the beer belly, fellas: Women are lusting after dudes with “dad bods” — a little extra gut around the middle.

“(It shows) you love life but also have the good sense to not let yourself completely go,” says Marie Dugo, a 26-year-old marketing manager from the Upper East Side. “You can take them to family parties and eat cake together.”

Ladies love guys who put the focus on fun, not physique, saying they’re friendlier, more mature and less narcissistic.

“He would come across as a fun, goofy guy not stuck on himself,” said Diane Hunt, 50, of Jersey City.

The love is spreading across the country, and even the world, with women as far away as Scandinavia cherishing the chub.

“Looking too fit can come across as self-centered,” said Dothe Lodberg, 22, from Denmark.

And guys certainly aren’t complaining.” CLICK HERE FOR MORE

Rockport Harbor

Rockport Harbor

From Here To There Video Zen

Trying out a sj4000 HD Action Cam. It’s a cheap GoPro Knock off. Good enough for me. Quality of video is good.

Same size as the GoPro. On this video I forgot to take the pre-mask off the lens. DOH! You can see it on the right side of the video in the side view mirror.

“From Here To There”

Just a trial video.

05/15/20,015 :)

Filmed from my Driveway to Wheeler St. then to Washington St. and then to Lane’s Cove.

You can click on the settings cog wheel to speed it up.

At about the 12 minute 22 second mark I  drop off the “Art Rock”

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