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Julie Rhodes Band @ Katrina’s tonight with Andrew Hammond to open 9pm 5.19.2017


Julie Rhodes and her band are back at Katrina’s tonight. Killer blues and more new songs (sometimes mixed with some Etta James and Janis) are what you are in for tonight. Most of Julie Rhodes’ songs have stories to tell of life’s happenings and then some.

spme of favorite originals

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Julie is bringing Andrew Hammond to open up the evening in the first set. You do not want to miss this show. Andrew is like a modern day Guthrie and Dylan combined. His songs are so moving …I could listen to him for hours…his music and vocals make your heart melt. Please do, come out and hear for yourself.

Andrew Hammond

14 Rogers St
Gloucester, Massachusetts
Get Directions

Call (978) 515-7817

Mr. Johnny “Bluehorn” Morricone tonight @ The Dave Sag’s Blues Party 8:30pm 5.18.2017


Our Mexican Wall-Building Cheese Fest Fundraiser with Celebrity Chef K.C. Diaz is scheduled for  this Thursday at the Rhumb Line. To celebrate, you’re gonna have to listen and dance to the finest tootlin’ trumpeter and hemogoblin I know. And that’s Mr. Johnny “Bluehorn” Morricone.

courtesy photo

I know, I know, he was just here a month ago, making up for a snow day last winter, but this cat is the coolest cat that is what am, and you gotta love him!. Helping out will be “Big Jack” Ward on gootar and vocals and the new sprout from California, Mr. Mike Clark, on drummps. No, not that Mike Clark, you Byrds fans. Showtime 8:30.

40 Railroad Avenue
Gloucester, MA 01930
(978) 283-9732

Inge Berge tonight “Wednesdays with Fly Amero” @ The Rhumb Line 7-10pm 5.17.2017

Dinner Specials Each Week!
Wednesday, May 17th – 7pm
Special Guest: INGE BERGE!


The great Inge Berge brings his magical bag of musical
tricks to the Rhumb Line stage this week. We haven’t seen
him on a Wednesday since way back last year. Come join us
for some serious fun! ~ Fly
Dinner with great music!
*Each week features a special, invited musical guest
The Rhumb Line Kitchen……now features Janet Brown with some new and healthy ideas!
Plus a fine, affordable wine menu!
5/24 – Jon Butcher

5/31 – John Rockwell

6/7 – Allen Estes

Looking forward……to seeing you there 🙂

3rd Week of Katrina’s $1,000 Singer Songwriter Challenge Tonight! 7:30pm start

Check out last week’s 2nd challenge 2nd night
Katrina’s $1,000 Singer Songwriter Challenge 5.9.2017
Another night with a great mix of music from so many singer songwriters.
Moving lyrics with passionate deliverance by all.
It always amazes me how one can write lyrics and put it to music or vice versa…What a talent and then to get up in front of a crowd and share it all.
Thank you to all that shared.
Collin Curtis
Lisa Manning
Chad Perrone
Maximillian Wentz
Red Tail Hawk duo
JP Heston
Joseph Andrew Slepoy
Nico Rivers
Peter Mercier

photos by Sheila Roberts Orlando

Congratulations to Chad Perrone for winning last nights challenge. We will see you at the finals.

jisilva photo
Thank you to the judges: Alice Arnold, Eric Reardon and Jake Pardee.

I could never do it, seriously…
A special thank you to Chris Langathianos for bringing it and Katrina’s for hosting.



Spring is here and what a better way to celebrate the warm weather with a reggae party! So join us in the tiki lounge upstairs from Short and Main FRIDAY MAY 14th

DJs Renegade Red and Vision of LION PRIDE SOUND have opened for numerous legendary reggae acts, put on some of MASS and Vermonts most popular reggae nights as well as the infamous REGGAE BASHMENT ON THE HIGH SEAS BOAT-CRUISES … they will be in full affect playing strictly the best in Roots Reggae, Dancehall, Rockers, Lovers rock , Ska and Rocksteady on the 1s and 2s!

JB Amero, David Brown, Dave Mattacks and Dear Ol’ Dave Sag 8:30 pm @ The Rhumb Line. This Thursday 5.11.2017

This Thursday it’s “turn in your old prescription bottle” week at The rhumb Line. Band operators will be available to counsel you on the ins and outs of the ins and outs. Helping us along will be that dastardly dude of country music: Mr. J.B. Amero. Always a blast to have him around! With the Dynamic Duo of Messrs. Dave Brown and Dave Mattacks, what could go wrong?? Come on out for this special evening. Grief counsellors and Kleenex will be available for a limited time.
Dave Sag

40 Railroad Avenue
Gloucester, MA 01930
(978) 283-9732

Wednesday with Fly Amero, May 10th – 7pm Special Guest: TONY FRONTIERO! @ The Rhumb Line

Dinner Specials Each Week!
Wednesday, May 10th – 7pm
Special Guest: TONY FRONTIERO!

Sharp songwriting, singing and playing. Tony Frontiero is
the total package, people. Come and listen to his message.
I’m sure you’ll agree. ~ Fly
Dinner with great music!
*Each week features a special, invited musical guest
The Rhumb Line Kitchen……now features Janet Brown with some new and healthy ideas!
Plus a fine, affordable wine menu!
5/17 – Inge Berg

5/24 – Jon Butcher

Looking forward……to seeing you there 🙂

Week 2 of 8 Katrina’s $1,000 Singer Songwriter Challenge 7:30pm Tonight 5.9.2017

if you’re planning to catch this great lineup, call ahead and reserve a table: (978) 515-7817.

Photos and winners of last week’s challenge

The first week of Katrina’s $1000 Singer Song Writer Challenge 2017 was one of the best nights in live music entertainment I have attended. Quite a few players came from the Boston area. Some were nervous but that did not interfere at all with the awesomeness they put out.. At some points it felt like we were in the presence of the likes of Joan Baez and Judy Collins, combined with the Jakals duo. You have to believe that many in the audience found themselves in awe of what they witnessed last night. No wonder the word goosebumps was mentioned so many times.
Here is a list of the players and judges and winners.
Steve Caraway
Zion Rodman
Jakals (duo)
Greg Guba
The Only Humans (trio)
Prateek Poddar
Patrick Nelson
Phil Holub

Judges: Annie Brobst, Susan Coviello & Brian Alex (who also, happened to do a real fine job on sound)

3rd place Zion Rodman
2nd Place The Only Humans
1st place a tie Jakals & Prateek Poddar

Chris Langathianos did a real fine job hosting the event. Katrina’s had a great vibe all night long and the food and service was excellent,
Special thanks, to Steve Caraway for performing “Quanah Parker’s Band”

Willie Loco Alexander Tonight! Dave Sag’s Blues Party 8:30pm @ The Rhumb Line 5.4.2017




Thursday night at the Rummie sees the much-heralded return of Gloucester’s own ubermensch, Willie “Loco” Alexander. Along with Guy Friday Billy Loosigian, on guitar, and Steevee Chaggaris, on thumpers, we will attempt to play the entire Fats domino Songbook in 3 hours.
Dave Sag



40 Railroad Avenue
Gloucester, MA 01930
(978) 283-9732


MAY 2 $1,000 Singer-Songwriter Challenge Returns Today 7:30 PM @ Katrina’s · Gloucester

Line up is subject to change


Katrina’s Bar & Grille presents their second $1,000 Singer-Songwriter Challenge: an 8-week, performance event open to all musicians. Starting on Tuesday, May 2nd, this weekly event will select a finalist at the end of each night for 7 weeks. On the 8th week, all of the weekly finalists come together and perform for a piece of the $1,000 cash prize.

Sign up by emailing your name, phone number and whether you are a solo artist, duo, trio, etc. to

How it works:
This weekly event, hosted by Chris Langathianos, will showcase musicians – solo performers, duos, trios & bands (no drums as setups must take less than 5 minutes) – allowing them to perform up to 3 songs. Performers will play before a panel of judges. The judges panels will change from week to week and will be made up of local musicians, business owners, etc. After each performance, judges will provide their live feedback to the performer and audience. A confidential score card will be kept, and a weekly winner will be announced at the end of the evening.

After the 7 weeks of preliminaries, all 7 finalists and 1 wild card will return for week 8 to perform 3 songs – at least 1 MUST BE AN ORIGINAL – before a panel of celebrity judges. 3 winners will be selected and will go home with a piece of the $1,000 cash prize. 1st place / $700, 2nd / $200, and 3rd / $100.

Other details:
1. Performers may participate on a weekly basis but may only win one week.
2. In the event of high demand for performance spots, the event host reserves the right to move previous performers further down the list.
3. All audio equipment is provided – PA, microphones, stands, and monitors.

Sign Ups:
Performers may register for a performance slot by emailing Chris Langathianos at or through this Facebook page

If you have any questions, they may be directed to Chris at the email above.

Dave Sag’s Blues Party with Johnny Bluehorn Morriconi Tonight @ The Rhumb Line 8:30pm 4.27.2017

Thursday nite, have I got a treat for you! The amazing return of “Johnny Bluehorn” Morriconi!  An incredible vogellist and swordsman of der fleugel, this guy is the best thing that has happened to me since  I shot that nun, back in ’72. You gotta hear this guy! He’s amazing!
courtesy photo
Not only that, but he’s dragging in kicking and screaming our favorite drummmbler: “Mr.Ed” Scheer, he of the the NiceGuy School of R&B. Worse, Mr. Bobbypin Gus is handling Qatar dooties. All you Slash wannabes: czech this guy out!
40 Railroad Avenue
Gloucester, MA 01930
(978) 283-9732

Chick Marston Tonight with Fly Amero @ The Rhumb Line 7-10pm 4.26.2017


Dinner Specials Each Week!
Wednesday, April 26th – 7pm
Special Guest: CHICK MARSTON!













As far as Cape Ann is concerned, it all started with this guy,
the one and only Chick Marston. A true original, Chick was
doing his fingerpickin’ folk-blues thing way back in the 1960s
when I was just a kid on a path he’d blazed for us all.
7pm! ~ Fly
Dinner with great music!
*Each week features a special, invited musical guest
The Rhumb Line Kitchen…
…now features Janet Brown with some new and healthy ideas!
Plus a fine, affordable wine menu!
5/03 * Ron Schrank

5/10 * Tony Frontiero

5/17 * Inge Berg

5/24 * Jon Butcher

Looking forward……to seeing you there 🙂

Cheryl Arena Tonight! Dave Sag’s Blues Party 8:30pm @ The Rhumb Line 4.20.2017


Thursday at the Rhumb Line sees the return of that lovely harmonicat and soul sister: Ms. Cheryl Arena. Everytime she plays here people go nuts, so why do you constantly ask me who that wonderful musician was?
she’s dragging in a great boston area drummer: Mr. Andy Plaistead and one of your fave glitarists: Mr. Pete Henderson. Gonna be fun.

40 Railroad Avenue
Gloucester, MA 01930
(978) 283-9732













The Goddesses Tonight! Dave Sags’s Blues Party 8:30pm @ The Rhumb Line 4.13.2017

sam-and-tony-rl-dave-sag-5-2-2016It’s Thursday, Dave Sag is at The Rhumb Line with the musical guest of his choice. He must have woken up on a funny side of the bed when he invited The Goddesses (along with Steve Chaggarisand John Cameron) to fill the bill for three sets of old-timey rock and soul this Thursday, April 13th starting at 8:30. Join the fun.

The Rhumb Line

40 Railroad Ave.

Gloucester, MA


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