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Pet of the week- Robin


Robin here and actively looking for her Batman!  Halloween is over so you may not be able to dress up as a superhero but you can still be one.  Feel yourself succumbing to the urge to do good?  Well what better way to do good than to open up your heart and home to a rescue! I am ready to be your sidekick and right-hand cat so stop in to the Christopher Cutler Rich Animal Shelter to visit with me and my friends today!  For more information on adoptable pets and upcoming events visit

Pet of the Week- Easter


Clicking my heels and saying “there is no place like home” hasn’t worked, so I am giving Pet of the Week a try. I am an adventurous lady who likes to climb and play with those crazy automatic mouse toys.  I have a bit of an “entitled” personality but I am not a “high maintenance” girl. I have been here at the Cape Ann Animal Aid’s Christopher Cutler Rich Animal Shelter for just about 7 months and think a change of scenery is long overdue, so how about you take me home with you?  For more information visit

Cape Ann Animal Aid Fundraiser at Cape Ann Brewing 10/21, 5-9pm

caaa event

Cape Ann Brewing Company is hosting fundraiser for Cape Ann Animal Aid as part of the Restaurants to the Rescue Fundraising Series on Tuesday, October 21, 2014. 10% of all sales between 5pm-9pm will be donated to Cape Ann Animal Aid. The event will also feature a 50/50 raffle and a chance to win other great prizes. For more information or to make a reservation, call 978-282-7399.

Pet of the Week-Princess


Talk about posh and style!  The way I pose for a photo shoot in my new outfit, gosh I am super surprised I haven’t been “discovered” yet.  I am sure if I showed up at the Cape Ann Animal Aid’s Dog Parade during the Rockport Harvestfest (at 11:30 am on Saturday, October 18th) I would be a top winner for sure! I go by the name Princess, I am cute, lovable, sweet and ready for my new family.  For more information on adoptable pets and upcoming events visit

Pet of the Week-Tanzy

Hi my name is Tanzy. Everyone always tells me just how cute I am, but don’t worry, I only let it go to my head a little! I am full of energy and love to romp, wrestle and play away the day. I am an affectionate fellow so can be caught enjoying some quiet snuggle time too. I like playing with the other pups and toys of all sorts. I am a southern boy and no one knows my exact breed but they are guessing I have some Labrador mixed in so I will probably be medium-large size when full grown. I am looking forward to joining you at obedience class and on adventures outdoors– after all a well trained and tired human is the best kind to share your home with! I’m happy and outgoing and eager to join my new family as soon as possible. Stop by and meet me at Cape Ann Animal Aid’s Christopher Cutler Rich Animal Shelter today!

Pet of the Week- Lynnderella


Lynnderella…Lynderella…I have a name that sounds like “Cinderella” and I am hoping just like her, I will soon find my happily-ever-after! I am a sweet and social gal with a passion for making new friends and investigating new places. I have a playful side and wouldn’t turn my paw up at some fun toys either. So…are you my happily-ever-after? You’ll have come to the Cape Ann Animal Aid’s Christopher Cutler Rich Animal Shelter to find out if we’re a perfect match! And hey, while you on your way, it would be purrrrfectly sweet of you to bring a gift for me and my kitty friends. We are running a little low on wet pate-style cat food over here and I hear that donations are always welcome! I hope you meet you soon! For more information visit

Pet of the Week- Butters


Yep…Butters is my name. I’m guessing the folks who gave me this name did so because when I meet you, I am capable of pouring on the charm to make you melt like butter in my paw. I am a handsome fellow with a soft purr. I love sunny spots for napping and fish tanks for gazing. I am more on the mellow side. I guess the best way to put it is that I was born to lounge on the cough…not running on the track! I love attention and I promise, I am a great listener. You could tell me all about your day or the dream you had last night and I promise I’ll soak up every word!


I am eager to settle down and start my new life with you so please don’t delay and come see me soon! I’m at Cape Ann Animal Aid’s Christopher Cutler Rich Animal Shelter at 4 Paws Lane in Gloucester. Visit for more information about me and my kitty friends.

Pet of the Week- Dustin


Fancy meeting you here… What am I doing here you ask? I am looking for my forever home. I am a quiet and handsome fella…or so the ladies say! I’ll take their word for it because looks don’t matter so much to me it. I believe more about making connections and forming a strong friendship. I am a lover of attention and affection and adore getting my share of people time. I also love playing with all of the other pups here at the Christopher Cutler Rich Animal Shelter. Marlon, Brando, August, and Coral are all part of my crew. We like to spend time just hanging out or playing because one of the best parts of being a dog after all is getting to be part of the pack. I am super sweet and my tail is always going. If you think we may be a good match, please stop on by. The shelter is located at 4 Paws Lane in West Gloucester.

Pet of the Week-GIO



Hello, my name is Gio.  I am here at the Cape Ann Animal Aid with my sister, Lala.  We are four month old affection and sweet puppies.   They think we are Otterhounds, with a little bit of terrier in our family tree.
We love it here at the Christopher Cutler Rich Animal Shelter, Four Paws Lane, Gloucester. The staff and volunteers are wonderful and the outside activities are great, too! 
Check out our website at: if you might be interested in supply us with something from our “Wish List” or stopping by with some gently used towels that you no longer need.  
Most importantly, consider adopting me!

Pet of the Week- Brook Anne

Brook Anne
Hello my name is Brook Anne and I’m a beautiful young lady. I was brought to the shelter with my babies so that we could find our forever homes. My babies are now all grown up and have been placed in nice homes – now it is my turn. I am a sweet and affectionate girl who is one year old. I have a beautiful orange-and-white coat. I like getting patted, lounging on soft spots, being held and generally fussed over.
Oh!  I am staying at the Cape Ann Animal Aid, located at the Christopher Cutler Rich Animal Shelter, Four Paws Lane, Gloucester.  Please stop by and visit me and the other cats who are looking for forever homes, I promise, you won’t be disappointed.
What a Pretty Kitty!

Pet of the Week

My name is Pee Wee, I am a sweet two-month-old girl kitten with a beautiful grey coat.   I am staying at the Cape Ann Animal Aid located at the Christopher Cutler Rich Animal Shelter, Four Paws Lane, Gloucester. (
We have many kittens who have arrived and hope those who would like to donate kitten food would consider it.
Like most kittens, I love toys and I am a purr machine.   I hope you might stop by and visit the kittens and know that
we also have may older cats for adoption, too!

Pet of the Week- Virginia

My name is Virginia, I am a sweet and cuddly girl.    I am a seven-year old girl cat with a handsome brown/mix coat.
I am looking to be the only cat in my home   I would prefer to move into an adult only house.   I love attention.
Also, we have a special program here at the Cape Ann Animal Aid, located at the Christopher Cutler Rich Animal Shelter, Four Paws Lane, Gloucester. We have the Senior Cat Adoption Program right now and there are no adoption fees for cats six and older and we have several cats here who are over six.  So please stop on by and learn more about me and our other senior cats.  Remember, seven is still a young cat!

Pet of the Week- Emily

This might be a family looking to adopt me!  My name is Emily, I am a four-month-old female Retriever mix.   I will be large when I am fully grown. I love dogs, people, toys and splashing in the kiddie pools here at the Cape Ann Animal Aid (CAAA), located at the Christopher Cutler Rich Animal Shelter, Four Paws Lane in Gloucester.   I love to cuddle and then going outdoors to play.
I am a bit shy with new people, but it doesn’t take me long to warm up and then I can show my affectionate ad playful side.  I hope you might visit the shelter soon and our website at
If you are up to the challenge a new pup can bring – and the fun, too, stop by the CAAA soon and ask for Emily!

Pet of the Week- Ashley

My name is Ashley and I am a four-month-old Retriever mix.  I will be medium in size when I am fully grown.   I am smart eager to learn and looking for a forever home.  I am here at the Cape Ann Animal Aid (, located at the Christopher Cutler Rich Animal Shelter, Four Paws Lane in Gloucester.  I have been asked to tell you about the Sato Reunion to take place on Saturday, June 7 at Stage For Park in Gloucester, from 11 a.m. – 3 p.m. (rain or shine). I hope it doesn’t rain, I can’t do anything with my hair when it gets wet.
Maybe I will be adopted in time to attend the reunion!

Pet of the Week- Friday


My name is Friday, I am a sweet fellow with an affectionate side. I am staying at the Cape Ann Animal Aid (CAAA), located at the Christopher Cuter Rich Animal Shelter in Gloucester.

 I had a rough start, I lived on the streets and a really nice family took me in along with a lots of other feline friends and took good care of us, but when they fell on hard times; they had to find another home for us.  A nice rescue lady came and retrieved me and a couple of my friends and brought us to the Cape Ann Animal Aid. As a result of some of those rough and cats, I need to be kept indoors and be feed well and I will be fine! I am a “Special” adoption. Stop by the CAAA for details or go online at: CapeAnnAnimalAid.Com

I say special is right, anyone who adopts me is one lucky human!

Pet of the Week-Pandora


Oh my goodness, I am in Good Morning Gloucester! Now everyone will get to know me better.  My name is Pandora and I am a four-month-old Retriever and Great Dane.

My siblings and I are here at the Cape Ann Animal Aid, located at Christopher Cutler Rich Animal Shelter, Four Paws Lane in Gloucester.  We will be medium to large when we are fully grown.   If you have the time for an active pup and want to put some excitement in your life, consider adopting me or one of my siblings, we are all sweet dogs and we love to snuggle!

Have you visited the shelter yet?  If you haven’t you should come for a visit – it is incredible!  Great outside trails, wonderful staff and volunteers and I love all the other animals here.   If you visit, we would love to have some gently used towels, and of course, it is ok to bring toys for shelter cats and dogs.    If you see you at the door, I will be sure to greet you!

Pet of the Week- Woof

woof 05.2014

Hi!  My name is Woof!  I am a seven-month-old, white-and-tan male kitten.   I am residing and relaxing at the Cape Ann Animal Aid, located at the Christopher Cutler Rich Animal Shelter in Gloucester.  Check our website at:

I love it here.  I have friends to play with, toys, big windows to look out, music and great staff and volunteers!  Please stop by and visit me soon.  I am dreaming about my forever home and I can’t wait to have a family to love.

Just remember, my name is Woof, but I am a cat.

Pet of the Week- Annelisa


My name is Annelisa, I am a three-month-old female Retriever mix.  I will be large when I am fully grown.  I am a smart girl and full of energy.  I am happy and outgoing and can’t wait to meet my new family.  If you would like to meet me, I am at the Cape Ann Animal Aid, located at the Christopher Cutler Rich Animal Shelter in Gloucester.

 It is wonderful here – the staff and volunteers, all the toys, good food, the wonderful trails and places to play outside.    Remember that the Rescue Reunion will be held on Sat., June 7 from 11 a.m. – 3 p.m. at Stage Fort Park in Gloucester.  Registration is now open, so please write to: or call 978-283-6055.

 Please excuse me – there is a family looking at the pups and I need to go over and show them I am the best choice.

Maybe they will adopt me and bring me to the Reunion in June!

Run to Home Base- I Need your Help!

On Saturday, July 19th, I will be participating in the 5th annual Run to Home Base to help returning Iraq and Afghanistan veterans and their families heal the “invisible wounds” of war.  This is my first 9k! So far I can run a 5k, but I am willing to put in the dedication to train and run for our troops! I hope you can help me out in my fundraising journey by donating. Any amount counts. My goal is to raise $750 by July 15th, but I would love to surpass that with your help!

Please click on my link to Donate:

Let’s Support our Troops who have risked their lives, health and families for us!

Home Base operates one of the only private sector clinics in the nation dedicated to helping veterans and their families recover from post traumatic stress and traumatic brain injury through clinical care, education and research. They have provided additional support for thousands of veterans and family members through free recreational activities, work in public schools, and on college campuses.  Home Base has trained more than 11,000 clinicians nationwide to recognize and treat the invisible wounds in their medical practices, and the program is engaged in national research to improve the treatment and understanding of PTS and TBI.


If you have any training suggestions, I would love to hear about them. Leave them in the comments.

Thank you for your support!



Pet of the Week- Ash


Hi!  My name is Ash, on the left, and my sister Ashley.  We are three-month-old Retriever/mix pups.

We are always giving kisses and having fun.   We love toys, treats and playing with all the other puppies.   We might have a little Hound, Shepherd or Terrier mix, too – just imagine, four dog types in one dog!  If you are up to the challenge of a puppy and all the joy it can bring, please stop by and visit us soon.  We are at the Cape Ann Animal Aid, ( located at the Christopher Cutler Rich Animal Shelter, Four Paws Lane, Gloucester.

I can’t wait for you to meet my siblings and me, Ash!

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