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The Fisk Connection


EVENT DESCRIPTION:   The Gloucester Meetinghouse Foundation hosts a performance by six local organists on Saturday, April 14th at 7:30 p.m., the first half in the Gloucester Unitarian Universalist Church at the corner of Middle and Church Street and the second half next door in St. John’s Episcopal Church.   Doors open at 7:00pm; come early for the best seats.

The performers are Kathleen Adams, Frances Conover Fitch, Carl Klein, Michael Kraft, Mark Nelson, and Robert Wech. Each one is connected to the work of the late Charles B. Fisk, whose firm located in Magnolia is world-renowned for superb pipe organs in churches, universities and concert halls. The concert will be narrated by Charles Nazarian describing the connection of the players to Fisk, history of the two remarkable instruments, and information about how the pipe organ sounds.

WHAT TO EXPECT: In the mode of a progressive recital last year by virtuoso organist Joonho Park, the first half will be performed in the Meetinghouse, home of the Gloucester Unitarian Universalist Church, on the 1893 Hutchings pipe organ, restored by Gloucester organ builder Charles Fisk in 1962.

At the intermission, the audience will stroll next door for the second half of the concert in St. John’s Episcopal Church on the 1989 Fisk pipe-organ, the firm’s Opus 97. A reception will follow the concert at St. John’s. For more information and advance tickets please visit

WHAT’S SPECIAL? This concert is a rare opportunity for Cape Ann residents to hear two pipe organs of historic significance and contrasting characters back to back, performed by organists with individual connections to Gloucester and the work of Charles Fisk. The Meetinghouse organ was built by George Hutchings, builder of the organ in Boston’s Symphony Hall, and restored in Gloucester by Fisk in 1962. The innovative St. John’s organ is the only new Fisk instrument commissioned on Cape Ann, the firm’s Opus 97 completed in 1989. Although products of different eras in organ building, both instruments feature mechanical (tracker) key action, a wide tonal palette for the performance of many eras of organ music, and exquisite craftsmanship.

WHEN: Saturday, April 14th 2018, 7:30pm

WHERE: The concert will begin in the historic 1806 Gloucester Meetinghouse (home of the Gloucester Unitarian Universalist Church), corner of Church & Middle Street with parking on the green. Persons needing an elevator may enter from the 10 Church Street side entrance. The second half of the concert will be performed next door at St. John’s Episcopal Church. Additional parking is available in the St. John’s Church lot.

ADMISSION (at the door or on-line at

$20 General

$15 College Students & Seniors (65+)

Under 17 free


high res Fisk facade photoGloucester Meetinghouse Foundation shares news about its upcoming special event

“The the first half of the concert is performed on the historic 1893 Hutchings/Fisk organ in the Gloucester Meetinghouse (home of the Unitarian Universalist Church) and the second half is performed on the innovative 1989 C. B. Fisk organ in St. John’s Episcopal Church next door.  Six professional organists, related in various ways to Gloucester, will perform diverse repertoire on these two fine pipe-organs.  The concert will include narration about the work of Charles Fisk, the relationship of the players to the Fisk legacy, and a bit about how the two instruments sound.  A reception will follow the concert.”

Fisk Connection Organ Concert PosterRead the full press release Read more

Fisk Open House, Friday December 1st

147 model portrait

You are cordially invited to join us at our Gloucester workshop to celebrate the creation of a new pipe organ. Come see and hear Opus 147 and learn about the craft of organbuilding.

Friday, December 1
4 pm – 8 pm

21 Kondelin Road

Cape Ann Industrial Park

OPUS 147

for the


3 manuals
61 stops, 55 independent voices, 73 ranks
(scale model 1:16 shown)

Dear Friends,

This one is so big it’s in sections all around the shop. I hope you will come, and feel free to bring along anyone you think might be interested. Please note that the event will be on a Friday afternoon and evening this time.



Today’s grand open house for two new C. B. Fisk pipe organs was a joyful event, crowded with well-wishers, fans, friends, and musicians. Opus 148 will be installed at Christ Church, Cincinnati, and Opus 150 at Benjamin Franklin’s Christ Church in Philadelphia.

Listen to the music!

What a treat to hear Opus 148 played by Nami and violinist Harold Byers.

Morgan Faulds Pike and David Pike, C. B. Fisk Senior Vice President and Tonal Director

Nami Hamada, organist and organ builder, and Harold Byers, former violinist with the Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra and Chair of the Music Committee at Christ Church.

Greg Bover speaking about Opus 148

Thibaut Lenfant and Rick Isaacs

Sarah Tuvim helped restore the exterior case of Opus 150

Morgan’s brother, Tom Faulds, and friend Carole Crowther

Scale model of Opus 148. Morgan Faulds Pike, sculptress of the Gloucester Fishermen’s Wives Memorial, carved the oak angels and panels for Opus 148. See more here.

Angels for Opus 148

Opus 150 and scale model


How exciting to share that the new C. B. Fisk Opus 148 organ will be available to view at the Fisk open house on May 13th. The organ is being installed at my mother- and father-in-law’s church, Christ Church, in Cincinnati, Ohio. It was so exciting to be at the first meting with my in-laws and Greg Bover. Our daughter Liv has performed at the cathedral and my sister-in-law Amy was married there. I am so looking forward to seeing and hearing it on our next visit to Ohio!

If you have never been to a Fisk open house you are missing a truly exceptional Gloucester experience. The instruments are stunning up close and the artistry and workmanship exquisite.

The first photo is of the scale model of the Cincinnati organ, Opus 148, which has 2 manuals and 22 stops. The second photo is of Opus 150, with 3 manuals and 49 stops and that is headed to Christ Church in Philadelphia. Both organ models are scaled at 1:16 and both will be at the open house.

Aren’t the scale models beautiful and fascinating? I love looking at them nearly as much the real thing.



Celebrate with us

Join us in Gloucester to celebrate the creation of two new pipe organs.
See and hear Opus 148 and 150 standing together in our workshop.Saturday, May 13
2 pm – 6 pm
C.B. Fisk, Inc.
21 Kondelin Rd.
Gloucester, MA  01930
978 283-1909
www.cbfisk.comLight fare & refreshments served

Greg Bover, Vice President for Operations, towards the center, back with his arms folded.

Happy to report I’ve processed my first tote of firewood into kindling using the new Fiskars X7 and I still have all my fingers.

The technique I used was to steady the wood on a chopping block with a chicken stick.

I highly recommend the highly rated Fiskars X7. $24 on Amazon- check out the reviews here

It’s a really nice hatchet. Works like a charm.

Here’s a video demonstrating the technique I used.

C.B. Fisk Open House

Every year Rick and I love to go to the Open House at C.B. Fisk and every year we learn something new.  To see more information on C.B. Fisk, please follow the link below.

CB Fisk Open House April 25th To Celebrate Opus 145

We cordially invite you to join us at our
Gloucester workshop to celebrate the creation of
Opus 145, a new pipe organ for—

Emmanuel Episcopal Church

Southern Pines, North Carolina

Saturday, April 25

2 – 6 pm

21 Kondelin Rd

Gloucester, MA 01930

978 283-1909

Can’t make it on the the 25th?
Watch To Hear the Music, a documentary film by Dennis Lanson. Learn about the art of pipe organ building and the life and legacy of our founder, Charles Brenton Fisk.
To Hear the Music is available on DVD & Blu-Ray

Come Tour Fisk’s Newest Masterpiece Opus 145!

Greg Bover writes ~

Dear friends and family,
I hope you can join us in Gloucester for the open shop listed below. I’ll be doing the 2:30 shop tour, there are others at 3:30 and 4:30.
Please feel free to forward this invitation to anyone you think might be interested.



We cordially invite you to join us at our
Gloucester workshop to celebrate the creation of
Opus 145, a new pipe organ for—

Emmanuel Episcopal Church

Southern Pines, North Carolina

Saturday, April 25

2 – 6 pm

21 Kondelin Rd

Gloucester, MA 01930

978 283-1909


Comsos 12 ©Kim Smith 2014 copy

Fiesta goes on for days, but the FISK open house is only June 28 from 2-6pm. Every music lover should be there.

For any lover of music, these open houses are a treasured experience you will never forget (see posts about Fisk here).  You can literally walk INSIDE the organ while it’s being played by top organ players, who come to these open houses to test them out.  And it’s FREE.  Save the date now and don’t miss this one.

You are cordially invited to join us at our Gloucester workshop

to celebrate the creation of two new pipe organs–

Saturday, June 28
2pm – 6pm
C.B. Fisk, Inc

21 Kondelin Road
Gloucester, Massachusetts 01930
978 283-1909  •
click here for map

Fisk Documentary Screening

Dear Joey,

You and everyone in GMG land are invited to join us for any of three screenings of the new documentary “To Hear the Music,” an hour-long film about C. B. Fisk, Inc. the Gloucester organ building company. It focuses on our founder Charles Fisk, the workshop community he fostered, and the organ we built for The Memorial Church at Harvard University, dedicated at Easter 2012. Film maker Dennis Lanson and his professional crew have created a PBS-quality document which beautifully captures the history of the company and all that goes into each organ we create.  Folks will find further information and a trailer at: .

Screenings include: Saturday, September 14th at Cape Ann Community Cinema, Gloucester, 2:30 and 5PM

And Thursday, September 19th at Shalin Liu Performance Center, Rockport, 7PM. Free Screening.

There will be a Q&A with Dennis and yours truly after each screening. We will hope to see you there.

Greg Bover

Video- Making Mast Hoops for Schooner Adventure at C. B. Fisk.

Greg Bover submits-

Dear Joey,

Perhaps our readers would be interested in the video Joanne Souza shot of making mast hoops for Schooner Adventure at C. B. Fisk.

Geoff Deckebach, Bill Holmes and I started by sawing strips of ash 10 feet long, 1-1/8” thick and 1-3/4” wide, tapered at both ends. We steamed them for about an hour and a half and then went ahead as shown to make the two foot diameter hoops. These hoops go around the masts, about 20 on each one. The new sails will be tied on to the rings, or “bent on” as we schoonerheads say, and that allows them to be raised or lowered.

We are one step closer to actually sailing Adventure for the first time in almost two decades. It is a privilege and an honor for me to be able to help with the effort to return this icon of Gloucester to the sea.




C.B. Fisk Time Lapse Installation

Dear Joey,
Fans of C. B. Fisk might be interested in the time lapse photography of our
recent installation at Indiana University in Bloomington. It is an
instrument we built in the 1980’s in California in a concert hall that the
client built onto the back of his house. He died a couple of years ago and
we were asked to find a new home for the organ. Last year we disassembled it
and moved it to Indiana where it’s been in storage waiting for preparations
to Alumni Hall to be completed. I went out in March with a crew of five and
we worked 60+ hours a week for more than five weeks to put it all back
together. It’s 30 feet tall, weighs more than 30,000 pounds, and is the
third Fisk instrument at the Jacobs School of Music, which boasts the
largest organ department in the country. It has been a particularly
interesting project for me personally because the original 1987 project was
one of the first times I served as project manager. How fortunate I am to be
able to revisit some of my early work and see what has changed and what has
remained the same. I have a great job.
Here’s what it looked like in California, below, and what it looks like now
in Indiana. This the link to the YouTube time lapse video

shot by an IU student.  Note the incomparable walnut carvings by Gloucester’s own Morgan Faulds Pike.
Regards, Greg Bover

Fisk open house last week

A week ago, C. B. Fisk had an open house and demo of an organ they recently finished and are shipping off to it’s destination in Japan.

The open house was well frequented, with lots of local people coming and going, munching on the tasty tidbits that were being offered and taking tours of the facility.  Organ students and other people from the organ’s destination in Japan were on site as well, some playing the organ and others strolling through the workshop.  I planned on getting lots of photos, but ended up in several engrossing conversations instead…  I got a few more photos of the workshop last year when I got a fascinating tour from my friend Rick Isaacs.  I continue to be amazed by the versatility and skill of the artisans at Fisk!

Fr. Matthew Green


C.B. Fisk Open Shop Invitation March 9th, 2013

Greg MF Bover writes-

Dear Friends and Family,

Although I will be away on another installation in Indiana, my Fisk Colleagues will be ready to show folks around the shop and answer any questions during this event.  We are expecting a large contingent of visitors from the school in Niiza, Japan where this organ will be going, I hope you will come see this unique organ too.

Please feel free to bring along anyone you think might be interested, or to forward this invitation along to your own friends.

Regards, Greg

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