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 Curious to see the Coast Guard ship parked at the Dogbar for a good part of the afternoon.


There were lots of folks out on the Dogbar enjoying the delightfully balmy weather and sunset spectacle Saturday evening.Dogbar Breakwater Panorama
Eastern Point Lighthouse and Mother Ann
 Old Lighthouse Bell and Chokecherry Tree

The sunset hues grew richer as night fell.

Schooner Festival, Downtown Block Party, Gloucester Stage YAW, casual tiki at Watson & the Shark, POP Gallery, Bookstore, and dancing at Dogbar

20160902_205850Mixin’ Matt at Watson &the Shark–Short & Main’s 2nd floor lounge  has a super cool steampunk vacation vibe that made waiting for an outside table for a group of 10 easy. Will be great in the winter months, too


John Singleton Copley’s epic, Watson and the Shark, 1778, Museum of Fine Arts, Boston


Downtown block party – fire juggling, Gloucester Stage YAW, and YMCA games were great stops



Three Graces, the check in at Mayor’s Reception 




Mitch’s At DogBar On Thursday’s. Please Show Your Support

The House of Mitch, one of the oldest continually operating bar / restaurant in Gloucester was purchased by Shaun Murphy and Steve Bertilino in late January of this year. On February 15, after the third major snowstorm in three weeks, the roof gave way, and the establishment will be closed for at least a month while structural repairs are made.

Until the necessary repairs are made, and they get the green light to open, Dog Bar will be hosting "Mitch’s at Dog Bar" on Thursdays from 2pm until closing. Steve and Shaun will be taking over the bar, and we will be featuring many of the items off of Mitch’s menu, which, as many locals will tell you, has one of the best lunches in Gloucester.

On Thursday nights, will be hosting some of the bands and DJ’s that have played at Mitch’s over the past 30 years.

Please join us for Mitch’s Thursdays and help support a couple of great guys and a Gloucester institution.

BLU-BOP ~ Rowen, Mattacks & Brown ~ live at the Dogbar 5/21


An important reminder for those who love music:

Saturday, May 21: Blu Bop featuring Dave Mattacks, Marty Rowen & David Brown live at the Dogbar.

This Saturday, May 21 Mr. Marty Rowen will glide into the Dogbar with his melodic B-3 and onto the intimate purple stage. Near the the lounge of plush comfy couches Mr. Rowen will be met by Mr. Dave Mattacks, toting his emerald drumkit—and Mr. David Brown, with his favorite guitar and his seductive slide…

At 9pm they will gather together with all of you, you who love music, and the sounds they make will fill the room with the scorching hot tunes and cool magic you would expect from a trio of this caliber. To say these players are exceptional, is really saying too little. This show is free and open to all who wish to make this a very special Saturday night.

We will see you there.
Blu-Bop • Saturday, May 21 • 9pm • Dogbar • 65 Main St • Gloucester, MA • free • Savvy?

Dan King and KBMG at the Dogbar on Friday, October 15

Dan King and KBMG (King, Dave Brown, Dave Mattacks, Wolf Ginandes) will play the Dogbar in downtown Gloucester on Friday, October 15. KBMG welcomes guest artist Brandi Emma, who will play the first set of the evening.

ABOUT THE BAND: KBMG are a serious, thought provoking, veteran Folk Rock Band who’s members have recorded and performed with the most successful (critical and chart topping), names in rock, folk and country music, including: Paul McCartney, Fairport Convention, Simon and Garfunkel, George Harrison, Roseanne Cash, Julian Lennon, Billy Joel, Elton John, Richard Thompson, Jimmy Page, Nick Drake, Jethro Tull, and many more. Lead by timeless songwriter Dan King, KBMG generate a musical engine that can scream and purr with a dynamic range of song and lyric. These four gentlemen have seen the bars, coffeehouses, clubs, stadiums, fairs, top studio sessions and theaters over their extensive careers in the music business; they continue to be in-demand live and recording studio musicians today. Their recordings and live experiences have grown into a relationship that DM describes as “not just four great musicians playing together but a real band with a strong and moving sound.” (

DAVID BROWN (dobro, electric guitar): David Brown’s ten-year stint in the 80s during Billy Joel’s heyday brought him round the globe many times over, a wall of gold and platinum and the experience of being in the top Billboard recording group for the decade.

DAVE MATTACKS (drums): Dave Mattacks has a discography that reads like a who’s who of folk, rock and pop.   DM continues to enjoy accolades with Fairport Convention (Fairport’s Liege and Lief voted greatest folk rock album ever), which only solidifies his already legendary status. He also continues to tour currently in the drum seat with Roseanne Cash and many others.

WOLF GINANDES (bass): It’s safe to say that bassist Wolf Ginandes’ status around Boston has been elevated to Guru. Ginandes is the master of groove and feel for KBMG.  With a deep knowledge of how things work, Ginandes is also an expert guitar and bass maker, and restorer with over 20 years experience at the Berklee Musical Instruments service center.

DAN KING(singer/songwriter, guitar): Bringing all this talent together is master singer/songwriter Dan King, who became friends with these legendary, professional musicians after working with them on his many solo and live albums. The chemistry worked and King’s songs won their hearts.  They saw his music as something special and worth standing behind as personified in their latest release, Western Color.

SPECIAL GUEST, BRANDI EMMA (singer/songwriter): Originally from Massachusetts, Emma now lives and works in Los Angeles, CA and is touring in support of her forthcoming EP Photographic Memory ( Jason Lent had this to say about Emma’s music: “Minimal arrangements adorn the songs…[and] Emma’s voice has the power to still a chatty coffee shop and enough depth to color the emotional spectrum. ‘Every day is right as rain/until you come home drunk again’ sets the mood on ‘Let It Go’ and Emma’s voice edges close to breaking as she sorts out her heart.

Dogbar • Friday, October 15 • 9pm • 65 Main St • Gloucester, MA • free •

cartoon of KBMG by Bob Nilson, Portsmouth, NH
photo of KBMG at the Marblehead Arts Festival, July 2010
photo of Brandi Emma

play music.

Bandit Kings at the Dogbar this Friday the 13th!

Who: The scarily-sexy Bandit Kings and the ferrociously-foxy Boyfriends

What: Special live rock n roll show.

When: FRIDAY THE 13TH-The most terrifyingly awesome Friday rawk show ever….

Where: Dog Bar!

How?!: by rocking your favorite originals as well as some hott b-sides (and there may just have to be a sing-a-long as well…) and with all that foxiness in one room on one dance floor, they are more than likely to be supplying you with all the makings of the best (re:you might get lucky) Friday the 13th. ever.


Lucky Friday the 13th just so happens to represent a couple of very important birthdays, so look for cake!

Friday, August 13 • 9pm • 65 Main St • Gloucester. MA • Free

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