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Again And Again Recycled Sail Cloth Bags Come In Handy @NaplesBeachClub #NaplesFlorida

With Christmas around the cornor I thought I share a multi functional gift idea for all the beach loves on your Christmas list!

Again And Again Recycled Sailcloth Handbags

Here’s one of the recylcled sailcloth handbags made by Freida Grotjahn at Again and Again- 195 East Main Street In Beautiful East Gloucester next to Duckworth’s Bistrot.  Patti Page stopped by telling us that the handbag auction was a huge success and added some much needed financial help to the Gloucester Sailing program.

GloucesterCast 181 With @KimSmithDesigns, Kellen O’Maley and @Joey_C Taped 5/16/16

GloucesterCastSquareGloucesterCast 181 With @KimSmithDesigns, Kellen O’Maley and @Joey_C Taped 5/16/16

Subscribe to the Podcast Here-

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Topics Include:
Kellen O’Maley Connemara Bay Charter Fishing- Do you get residual business from Wicked Tuna- what type of charters do you specialize in. You went to University of Utah do you use any of the things you used in college to market your charter fishing business?
A lot of whale sightings Seven Seas Whale, Captain Bill’s, Cape Ann Whale Watching watching
Kellen Seine Boat Update

International Dory Fundraiser

 Ipswich banned the bag- John Hintlian Post-
Melissa Cox Facebook post-
“Today is the day we talk about banning plastic bags in Gloucester! O&A meeting is at 6pm at City Hall in the 1st floor conference room. Show up for or against. The original order was only for big stores but may be amended to include all stores. This isn’t a public hearing, you may not be able to speak. That will come when the public hearing is at full city council. Thank you!!”

Schooner Challenge June 6th  Now including the Adventure people can sign up-


Marty making the Good Morning Gloucester Movie, and I thought he did an incredible job capturing the spirit in part one
Red Shed Film Festival Tonight andkicks Off The week of Motif 1 Day


Kim’s movie trailer  donate Kim’s
At Cape Ann TV RULE, Hunt’s TV,

“Pro Video Meet Up”

Matt Harding Coming To Gloucester 6PM May 20

cbchartersGMG Podcast 180 Joey C Kellen O'Maley copyright Kim Smith

Rebecca Borden Ward 1 Candidate Statement

Boilerplate GMG Political Statement:

Good Morning Gloucester Does Not Endorse Candidates and this press release should not be indicative of a an endorsement or non endorsement of any candidates:

I want to be your next Ward 1 City Councilor. I am running because I believe in public service and I want to more for Gloucester…because of Gloucester.

The Ward 1 boundary includes everything from the Jodrey State Fish Pier, Eastern Point Lighthouse, Blackburn Industrial Park, Pond Road businesses, Good Harbor Beach and the Back Shore. In such a small region, Ward 1 shows how well industrial and marine industries can operate alongside residential areas, naturally protected areas, and businesses – many based upon tourism – in true symbiotic harmony. Much of East Gloucester was removed from the DPA but still remain as Marine Industrial designated areas. I want to work to continue to find a happy balance between marine, recreational, and water-based industries.

Many people before me have worked very hard to conserve the natural landscape that exists in Ward 1. From Essex County Green Belt’s Seine Field, Niles Pond, Cripple Cove and the great salt mash of Good Harbor Beach, all can enjoy these protected open and green spaces, but they are not without other dangers. As a City, I feel we should be better prepared for rising sea levels and a direct hit from the next Perfect Storm, super-storm or hurricane. I believe the City should to do more to update key Ward 1 infrastructure systems from storm drains to hobbled roads and non existent sidewalks. As residents, we can do much more to retain excess run-off rainwater on our properties from existing weather patterns through simple backyard landscaping techniques and sidewalk enhancements. As citizens, we can do more to clean up after each other by participating in volunteer community movements like The One Hour at a Time Gang where I’ve helped them pick up harbor detritus on the pier to Ocean Alliance (aka The Paint Factory) on several occasions.

One of the things I love about living in Ward 1 is the beaches: Good Harbor, Niles, Wonson and Brace Cove – what riches! Even if some of them are not public, I still enjoy the fact that anyone can walk and enjoy them, especially at sunset. But the City can and should do more to enforce beach visitors who park illegally in Ward 1. I fully support the amazing work that The Friends of Good Harbor Beach is doing to protect its sand dunes and salt marsh and to make the beach more accessible for visitors on foot.  And lots of people come to Gloucester in the summer for the beaches, which in turn generates a lot of auxiliary income for the City.  

When people to come here they need places to stay. I was an outspoken advocate for the Beauport Hotel on Pavilion Beach, publishing letters in the paper and participating in the community forums because I believe that blighted property should be made bright again. And still, Ward 1 has some of the best and busiest accommodations in the City. I am a strong supporter of cultural tourism and applaud the City’s decision to allot 30% of the revenue from the hotel tax to the fund the implementation of the City’s new tourism plan. I’ve served as an officer of Gloucester’s Harbortown Cultural District for two-years and helped co-lead a free mobile app project which helps promote and connect visitors to everything that our four Cape Ann Cultural Districts have to offer. When people new to our area see how much amazing stuff is happening here, they want to find ways to extend their stay, plan to come back and/or tell their friends how amazing their stay in Gloucester was.

Gloucester is awash in culture and heritage and I believe the creative capital of Ward 1 is boundless. It’s one of the other things I love most about living in Ward 1 because it boasts an exceptional cultural corridor that extends from Cripple Cove to Historic New England’s Sleeper-McCann House, with our newest addition being the T. S. Eliot House. On any given day, I can find one of my neighbors performing on stage, hosting a gallery opening, teaching Montessori art classes to young hands and impressionable minds, hanging new artwork at a local coffee shop, building her business by making bags from old sails, crafting a new gourmet farm-to-table menu in one of the City’s best restaurants, or working on a blog or online portal that both garners national attention and builds a sense of community connectedness at the same time (GMG, GloucesterClam, “Because Gloucester”). The list goes on and on.  So many residents in Ward 1 cannot NOT express themselves. To us, it’s nothing special. It’s who we are. And I found my tribe – which is another reason why I want to become the next City Councilor for Ward 1.

I know I can do more for Gloucester because of Ward 1.

Respectfully submitted,

Rebecca Borden

Edited: I Should Have Done Some Research And Planned My Day Better To Be able To Check Out These Awesome Rockport Shops

Saturday morning and there had been a couple of shops we discovered on Instagram that we’d been dying to get to.   Got into town around 9 and the Farmer’s Market was in full swing.  Spoke with Lisa “That Nutty Redhead” and Sandy Farrell and a few other cool vendors and then made a great discovery in The Blue Lobster Grille which served up delicious homemade hash with poached eggs over English muffins and hollandaise for only $7.95.  Tremendous discovery that was (we will be back I can assure you).

We took our time and headed down Bearskin Neck after but all the joints we wanted to check out were still closed at 10:00.  They looked cool as hell though.

Sea Again Is a consignment store that often has designer handbags-


Saltwater Designs-


Folly Cove Art and Sea-


It’s on me that I didn’t realize that most of the stores wouldn’t be open by 10:00AM. Next Time I’ll Do My Research Better.

We went to Gloucester and had my eyeglasses repaired at Parrelli Optical on Railroad Ave- just dropped in, had them repaired in like two minutes and then hit up Lynzariums on East Main Street  where I was able to get that awesome plant for the Big Jabroni.  We were really eager to check out those shops in Rockport so we actually drove back in and did 5 loops around from 5 Corners down to Dock Square and around and couldn’t find a parking spot so we gave up and drove to Linens and  Things to get some K Cups and then saw the new Amy Schumer movie Trainwreck  (highly recommended).  Our Rockport mission ended with some highs though in finding Blue Lobster Grill for breakfast and it’s always a nice walk down Bearskin Neck.

We will be back and can’t wait to finally get into these shops as well as some others.

Linda rae has another outstanding trip in Gloucester

Pick what you find interesting, you have such great photographers around.  We have gathered these memories to last for the long months ahead before we can visit in the Spring.  We were amazed at the Gloucester Museum, especially the hall of fishermen families.  What a great idea.  Could have spent hours there.  We always visit the railway marina to see the latest work going on.  And then there was the day last winter in a Pennsylvania grocery  store when Rob discovered this famous fellow and dragged him from aisle to aisle just to catch a big smile on my face.  Needless to say, he was in the way of countless shoppers who weren’t as friendly as Gloucester people.  And I was ready to pack our bags and head six hours to Gloucester.  Congratulations on the excellent restoration of City Hall.  Magnificent!
Just to reiterate something I posted before.  Your Radio Shack is exceptional.  Once again I called ahead to have Travis help me with my iPhone. Their staff and his technical expertise surpass even the Apple Store.  And all with a smile.  You are fortunate… Don’t lose it!
Have a gentle winter, we hope to visit four or five times again next year.  Thank you for Good Morning Gloucester!!
The bridge is of our little town of Milford right across from Pennsylvania situated in the beautiful Delaware River Valley .
Blessings, Linda rae and Rob
Chestnut Hill on the Delaware

First Parish Burial Ground and Clark Cemetery Volunteer Group Looking For Help From Crystal Daley

Good Morning,

I am part of a volunteer group working on First Parish Burial Ground and Clark Cemetery.  There has been a lot of talk around about the goats that have been placed there to help out and I was wondering if you would publish my article more about the humans who are working there.  We are in need of more volunteers and would love to segway from the goats into that. 

Thank you very much.

Crystal Daley



Goats are awesome but we need people too.
Up at the First Parish Burial ground the team of goats is happily munching away a section of the brush.  The volunteers however don’t have such luxury.  The overgrowth and neglect that the cemeteries have suffered is great.  We are only three out of town people who are hard at work reclaiming the proud lost history of Gloucester’s people and military service.  It is true that these cemeteries were not designed as more modern one with space for people to visit but we would like the change that.  The first step is getting them cleaned and safe.  We have been working diligently every weekend over the summer and have made giant strides towards that goal.
Now that a lot of the clearing for First Parish has been done it is time to focus on the smaller Clark cemetery behind it.  Rose bushes, berry bushes, trees and bamboo have overtaken this sacred space.  Using the website we have started to connect people with their ancestors in Clark and First Parish.  Those connections to our past are why it is important for us to do this work.
On our first day of clearing a few months ago in First Parish we met a family that had come down to see a grave of one of their ancestors.  They were unable to find it as the age of the stones makes it hard to read them.  But over the course of the day we were able to find it for them and emailed them the location for them to visit again.  The next time we were there a lovely bunch a flowers had been left.
More recently after the first article ran in the Gloucester Times I contacted an online commenter on the article.  He had said that his family owns a plot in Clark Cemetery.  Through a few emails I asked him where the plot was and invited him to come down to show us where to clear out.  By the time he got there last Saturday we had already figured out the location of his family and had cleared it for him.
Robert had not been able to go to his family’s plot since before 2008 due to the overgrowth.  He told us that he used to come a few time a year to see the plot of his Great Grandmother and kin to leave geraniums.  Originally we were told that the last person buried in either cemetery was in the 1920’s but Robert informed us that the last person laid in his family’s plot was in the 60’s. We were so happy that he is now able to go to the plot without having to wade through tough overgrowth and that he is able to come back to continue his tradition of honoring his history.
There are other stories like this but we do need the help of the community.  There are only the three of us doing the work usually (light)rain or shine, with the exception of lighting.  You can find us there on Saturdays after noon; we are Rachel Meyer, Josh Gerloff and myself Crystal Daley. Anyone coming to volunteer their time is only asked to dress for work.  Jeans or other work pants, comfortable shirt (you will get hot working) and comfortable sneakers or boots.  Tools are also welcome to be brought and used.  The most helpful tools we have found are trash bags, tarps, rakes, clippers of all sizes, brush cutters, weed whackers, saws and we could use one or more people with chainsaws for some dead trees that have fallen over.
If you are interested in helping out we are excited to work with you.  We would love for anyone to come down to help out.  There is something for any skill level to do.  If you would rather donate instead of volunteer that is also helpful.  You may email me at and I can answer any questions you might have on donating or volunteering with us.  I look forward to having more stories like Robert’s in the near future.

Beth Van Duzer sends a doozy of a thank you and JAWS THIS WEDNESDAY HARBORWALK CINEMA

Cat Ryan submits-

Hi Joey,

Over 1000 people attended the Lego Movie Wednesday night. Gloucester Stage sponsored a fun one. Markouk sold out. Jaws is presented by Cape Ann TV. Great job Matt Coogan, Community Development, Carol Thistle, Mack and Zak; North Shore 104.9 team; Wenham Museum; and Rob Newton Cape Ann Community Cinema for the community through art.

Joey, but wait; there’s more. You and several GMG contributors, and other Gloucester residents, generously contributed content for the HarborWalk. Enjoy the feedback by a grateful mom who took time to write a memorable note to Mayor Kirk and the City.

Plus, photos from David Cox and a super cool lego prize from Cat Barbagallo.

From Carol Thistle, Senior Project Manager for the City, sharing a note from the City Website:

“I thought GMG readers would be interested to see this great thank you note that Mayor Kirk received from Beth van Duzer; her children won a HarborWalk Certificate at Wednesday night’s Lego Movie as part of the HarborWalk Summer Cinema Series. Many children participated in the HarborWalk challenge, and fourteen youth completed all story posts making them official “HarborWalk Explorers”.  In addition to the certificate all the kids received a HarborWalk goodie bag filled with prizes, including a special “Ten Pound Island” Lighthouse Lego designed by Cat Barbagallo. Bring in your completed sheets next week! Here’s the note

Greetings Mayor Kirk.
I just wanted to tell you what a joy it was to complete the Gloucester Harbor Walk. My friend, Mary-Clare Dalzell, was born and raised in Gloucester. It was her idea to go to the outdoor movie where we heard about the Harbor Walk. My daughter, Lucy, has autism and Mary-Clare’s son, Lee, was born with some medical issues so we did drive the children around to the markers that were further off the beaten path. I just wanted to share with you some of our experiences.
We started off our search up at Stage Fort Park. We parked in the 20 minute parking area asked in the visitor center if they knew where the marker was. They either really didn’t know or did an amazing job at making us believe they didn’t know – either way they didn’t tell us where the marker was. We left the visitor center and roamed around a bit, looking near Tablet Rock and down by the water, but we were unsuccessful. As we returned to the visitor center Lee noticed the pillar, right at the end of the visitor center’s drive. Two of the children were instantly exuberant as they each made their rubbings and we happily returned to the car, followed by a police officer. Apparently, we were close to the 20 minute time limit and were really, really close to getting a ticket. The officer was very nice and probably got a chuckle out of our antics and, most importantly, we didn’t get a ticket.
We moved on to the markers down the road where, I must say, we found lots of parking. Some of it was only 15 minute parking but that was enough for our clown car adventure of having the children and parents jump out of a minivan, run down to a marker, make the rubbing – try to make the children read a bit about the marker – and jump back into the car for the next marker. Whilst on the walk Mary-Clare found a photo of her Grandfather and Lee took a selfie with the photo. Lucy found a boat named Lucy and took a photo with it. Lola took time to stop and smell the flowers at the memorial garden.
The best part for the children was when they found the markers all together along Rogers St. Each child (yes, even the two 12-year-olds) delighted in running to be the first to claim a rubbing. From this Harbor Walk my children and I saw parts of Gloucester we had never seen before and I found out where to park – which is almost everywhere. Lucy, Lola (my other daughter), and Lee had a grand time. Mary-Clare and I probably had more fun than the kids, by the end of the day they were a little cranky since our mission was to complete the Harbor Walk in one day, which we did. I homeschool my girls. We are studying Medieval History this year, and I already told them we will revisit Hammond Castle and the Joan of Arc statue when we reach that point in our curriculum.
As Mayor you probably receive a lot of complaints. I just wanted to make sure you knew how much fun we had. It was fabulous that our children were able to meet you last night and all the children were ecstatic with their prize bags. Lucy has already announced that she will be displaying the Ten Pound Island Lego lighthouse in her room. Lola can’t wait to show up for the Jaws movie in her Gloucester Harbor Walk t-shirt and hat. Thanks again to the City of Gloucester for creating an adventure that anybody can take part in. Thank your for posing with photos with the children and rewarding them for completing the walk. It was definitely one of the highlights of this summer.
Best regards,
Beth van Duzer”

Thank You Frieda Grotjahn…I Love my new Again & Again Tote Bag!



Frieda owner of Again & Again, used art work straight form the pages of my Cookbook “Gifts Of Gold In a Sicilian Kitchen With Sista Felicia, Harvest”, to custom designed a “Sista Felicia” tote bag made from recycled sail cloth. 


I absolutely love my new “Gifts Of Gold Tote Bag…Thank you for all the special book details you included, and the clear inside pocket is awesome! 




Again & Again tote bags are durable, functional, and fun!  Fredida and her staff will work directly with you to customize a bag to suit your specific needs.  The patterns they can create are endless.  Again & Again Bags are awesome for the beach and boat, and make great gifts, for all occasions!  Visit their website, or stop by the store on 195 East Main Street, Gloucester and check out their ready made collection!




Shopping Local ~ Again and Again

Again and Again ©Kim Smith 2013Again and Again -2 ©Kim Smith 2013Looking for a last minute gift idea? Again and Again, located in East Gloucester Square at 195 East Main Street, has a fantastic selection of bags in every size and shape, including totes, messenger bags, and handbags. My daughter Liv can attest to the fact that Again and Again bags never die. She has used her tote countless times in her travels and whenever I see it in use, hers is stuffed to the gills. Stop in and say hello to Frieda, Beth, and Regina and do some local, and locally-made, Christmas shopping!

Frieda Grotjahn Again and Again ©Kim Smith 2013Frieda Grotjahn

Beth Chiancola Again and Again ©Kim Smith 2013Beth Chiancola

Regina Loiacano Again and Again ©Kim Smith 2013Regina Loiacano

Again and Again -4 ©Kim Smith 2013Visit Again and Again’s website for more information on their recycled sails repurposed into memorable bags and gifts.

Previous GMG posts about Again and Again:

Again and Again GMG Messenger Bag Slide Show

Again and Again 2010 Sailbag Auction To Benefit GHS Sailing Pics

Again and Again -3 ©Kim Smith 2013

Ships and Shores Opening Reception 8/31/2013 2-6pm

Ships and Shores Exhibit of the Late

Paul F. Frontiero Sr.


State of the Art Gallery at 4 Wonson Street on Rocky Neck (next to the Cultural Center), with an Opening Reception on Saturday, August 31 from 2:00-6:00pm.  The exhibit runs August 18-September 23.

Gallery is open Thursdays-Sundays from noon to 5:00pm.

Paul’s sons; Joe and Paul Jr. will be there to answer your questions.

More of Paul’s work can be seen at The State of the Art Gallery II,
Prospect st. downtown Gloucester.

(978) 395-1783 (Roger Armstrong) )OR (978) 395-1915 (Sharon Pablo) or our new gallery State of the Art Gallery II at 978-282-5426.



Paul Frontiero (1925- 2012)

Paul Frontiero was born and brought up in Gloucester, a native of the Cape Ann area.  Paul not only comes from a long line of fishermen ancestry but was a fisherman himself, for over half of his life-time.

He fished from as far south as the Diamond Shoals of the Carolina’s to as far north as the Grand Banks off St. John’s, Newfoundland and Canada.

The many hours Paul spent in the small dories made him realize the expansiveness of the sea, at times so calm and then again a raging fury.  Although he painted other subject matter, most of his paintings are of his life on the sea.  As a boy on the boats, he would often rough pencil sketch on anything that was at hand – paper bags, old wooden planks, and even on the side of the same dories that he spent so many hours on.  Each and every painting has a spiritual quality that reveals Paul’s deep love for the sea.

Grand Opening of Gloucester Dog Park-Off Leash Park

gloucester dog park

Opening of Cape Ann’s First Off Leash Dog Park to Be Held on May 18

  • Meet and greet from 10am-12pm with dog trainer Jenny Ford from Friends Again (, who will offer advice and suggestions for a successful dog park visit
  • Photographer Lisa Patnaude from Lisa Patnaude Photography ( be on-site to photograph guardians with their dogs. Complimentary photos can be downloaded from Lisa’s site following the event
  • Meet some of the adoptable pups from Cape Ann Animal Aid and take a spin of CAAA’s prize wheel
  • Stop by and meet our team at the Friends of Gloucester Dog Park’s informational table.  Learn more about dog park etiquette, tips on having a successful visit with your dog and how you can become a dog park ambassador. In addition, the team will be selling t-shirts and red signature Dog Park bandanas

“After years of fundraising and development, our dream of bringing the first dog park to Cape Ann has finally become a reality,” commented Mary Lou Maraganis, founder of the Gloucester Dog Park. “We’re excited to welcome all responsible dog guardians into the park and hope they continue to enjoy it for years to come as a beautiful addition to their community.”

Who: Friends of Gloucester Dog Park

What: Grand Opening Celebration/Leash Cutting Ceremony

When: Saturday, May 18 beginning at 10:00am

Where: Gloucester Dog Park (across from Stage Fort Park)

Opening day festivities will also include complimentary muffins from Mamie’s Kitchen, a coffee tasting from Glosta Joe’s, the opportunity to win a $100 Petco gift card, dog park gift bags and more.

All dogs must have a current dog license, be up-to-date on vaccinations and are of course encouraged to wear their Gloucester Dog Park bandanas. Resources on how to have a successful dog park visit can be found at

About The Friends of Gloucester Dog Park

The Friends of the Gloucester Dog Park is an all-volunteer group of local residents dedicated to the creation, preservation and enhancement of the Gloucester Dog Park. The group’s primary focus is to create, sustain and enhance attractive off-leash areas in Cape Ann and promote responsible dog guardianship through education and recreation. For more information or to make a donation, please visit and become a fan on Facebook at

Media Contact:

Keri Bertolino


Now Accepting GMG Logo T-Shirt Size Orders and “This Is Gloucester” DVD Orders For Holiday Presents

To order contact Joey at

Sm, Med, Lg, XL, add $2 for XXL Add $5 for Long Sleeve

$20 per shirt, Order 5 get One Free, Orders of 5 or More Also Get Free Shipping

We Are Using Haynes Top Quality Tagless T-Shirts This Year. 

Money Goes To GMG URL Registration, and Hosting Fees Printing From Our Boy Paulie Walnuts, Logo Design From Beth Swan.

White, Light Blue or Light Pink- Your Choice.

I also have some GMG “This Is Gloucester DVDs available.

Literally the greatest holiday present ever.  You buy 2-5 of them, put them in gift bags and when someone shows up with a presnt for you that you weren’t anticipating you go for the DVD in the bag and not look like a chump Smile


$20 for those.

“This Is Gloucester” DVD Review From A Biased FOB Linda Colman

Posted on December 12, 2011 by Joey C


Linda writes-

Hi Joey!

Here’s my review of your “This Is Gloucester” DVD.  I’ve watched it twice.  First time was the day I received it in the mail.  Since I’m your target audience I decided to watch it a second time with one of my BFF’s, Judy, who’s never been to Gloucester and has never seen the blog.  Not being an FOB like myself, I figured she’d be able to provide the objective viewpoint that I lack since I’m a lover of Gloucester and a rah rah fan of GMG. I’m biased for sure.

Let me begin by saying that the DVD cover is really cool.  Beth Swan has a great eye for design and did a fantastic job.  Appealing right away.  Beginning the DVD with “Gloucester at Dawn” and the beautiful music was a great way to set the tone and my friend Judy said she didn’t know Gloucester was such a beautiful place.  BOOM!

I imagine that deciding what to include and what to leave out of the DVD from all the GMG material must have been the hardest part of making it. I don’t know how you managed to do it, but you wound up with a really well balanced presentation of the essence of Gloucester- the beauty of the place, the fishing industry, the history, festivals and the passionate people who call it home.  A really great mix.

The only trouble I had with the DVD, and believe me I realize that this is totally personal (although Judy had the same reaction), was the appearance of the “Rare Golden Sea Robin”.  I remember seeing it on the blog and it was bad enough looking at that thing on my laptop, but on my big TV screen?  Yikes!! I can see how it might be a big deal to land one of these horrifying creatures but it’s a TERRIBLE thing to look at.  Judy gasped, covered her eyes and I had to tell her when it was over so she could keep watching.  Just when we were regaining our composure, THERE IT WAS AGAIN!!!  It made an unannounced and unexpected second appearance after “The Back Shore” chapter!!  At that moment Judy fled from the room and wouldn’t watch any more.

The people chapters (as opposed to the creature chapters) appealed to me the most. I enjoyed “Building the Greasy Pole Shrine” because of the obvious passion of the people involved in its construction, “Salting Herring At Cape Seafoods” because… well I don’t know, I just liked watching it… and the “St Joseph Novena” chapters that finished off the DVD were the best.  The people who live in Gloucester truly love their city and it shows!  

So there’s my review, Joey.  It’s yours to do with as you please.  Run it on the blog, trash it completely, edit it as you see fit, whatever.  Oh, one more thing.  I think an introduction by you at the very beginning would have been great.

Thanks a million for putting the DVD together!  Linda

Our Gifts and My Shoes

Our Gifts and My Shoes

by Mary Colussi, 8th Grader at the St. Ann School, Poet Laureate of the cOupE.         

If you were to look inside my shoes during a performance, two things would happen, almost simultaneously: the play would stop, because you are trying to take my boots off without my permission, which is incredibly rude, and you would find some sort of trinket. It might be as simple as a piece of string, or as strangely beautiful as a glass heart. Or, more likely than not, it would be a tiny plastic pig.

         I do not put things in my shoes for my enjoyment (rather, it is an uncomfortable situation to be in) nor do I do it for my protection (actors have all sorts of superstitions- we never hesitate to correct a person when they wish us good luck) The reason I stick things in my shoes is simple: I am a Chicken, and Dona is my director. Ever since I started acting with Dona, my fellow Chickens and I have received gifts. They aren’t wrapped up in pretty paper with a bow and a card. I’m not sure where Dona finds these things, or how she transports them, but that would ruin the magic, wouldn’t it? Because, despite my more pragmatic side’s protests, the gifts are magic.

         Here’s why: before the audience walked in, the string connected us all. We called it “the string of the universe” and even though I lost mine ages ago, I still feel like I carry it. I had just gotten attached to my glass heart-they were handed to us with great ceremony, right before “Much Ado About Nothing”- when we were told we must exchange them with friends. We did so, and I left my heart at the Unitarian-Universalist Church by accident. Oh, well. My friendship with the person I exchanged hearts with grew a little bit anyway.

         Then, there are the most revered of Chicken gifts. Perhaps appropriately and perhaps ironically, this gift represents another farmyard animal of Dona’s childhood: a pig. They are among the easier things to fit into my shoe, since the creatures are little more than pink scraps of plastic. Most people perch them in their ears, or nudged against their temples by their glasses. This is because, while we act, the pigs give us inspiration. At the beginning of practice, kids will stand up and tell us what their pigs are saying; they are used as a medium to say what some will not say, whether it be an interesting new idea or a slightly harsh criticism of a friend’s performance.

         Everyone has gifts, and not all of them are put into boxes of bags. In Coupe, we discuss this a lot. Our parents give us the opportunity to fit into a niche of kids unlike any other; Dona gives us literal and metaphorical gifts every day. Then, there are the things we are born with, for some strange, awesome reason. I can make a soundtrack, she can sing, he can do an Australian accent. The older Chickens know each other’s abilities, but part of the fun of bringing new people is discovering what they can do and finding a way to make it work in Shakespeare and Sherwood. It is an adventure, and not always an easy one, but despite the difficulties, Coupe remains glorious in a way I find hard to put into words. But I’m going to try, because someone had to record all of this.

Free Flu Clinic at AGH this weekend and more

Joey:  Have you had your flu shot yet?  If not, stop by AGH!!

Medication Disposal Day in Gloucester ~ This Saturday!

The Gloucester Medication Disposal program sponsored by Healthy Gloucester Collaborative is once again hosting a community medication disposal event in conjunction with the US Department of Justice Drug Enforcement Administration Annual Prescription Drug Take-Back Day.

The Medication Disposal Day will take place on Saturday, October 29th from 10 a.m. – 1 p.m. in the parking lot of Rose Baker Senior Center , Six Manuel F. Lewis Street, Gloucester. 

Items Accepted:

Prescription and over-the-counter medications, Medication Samples, Vitamins, Narcotics, Liquid Medications

Items NOT Accepted

Sharps (sharps can be disposed of 24-7 in the main entrance of Addison

         Gilbert Hospital , 298 Washington Street ,  Gloucester , at the Sharps Kiosk).

Thermometers, IV Bags, Bloody or Infectious Waste, Inhalers, Hydrogen Peroxide, Personal Care Products

National Prescription Drug Take Back Day addresses a vital public safety and public health issue.  More than seven million Americans currently abuse prescription drugs, according to the 2009 Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration’s National Survey on Drug Use and Health.

Each day, approximately, 2,500 teens use prescription drugs to get high for the first time according to the Partnership for a Drug Free America.  Studies show that a majority of abused prescription drugs are obtained from family and friends, including the home medicine cabinet.

Flu Clinic at Addison Gilbert Hospital November 8

A free flu clinic will be held at Addison Gilbert Hospital , 298 Washington Street, Gloucester on Tuesday, November 8 from 9 a.m. – 11 a.m. in the Longan Room located inside the Washington Street entrance. The flu clinic will be conducted by the Gloucester Health Department.

There is no fee. Participants are asked to bring their insurance card and to wear short-sleeves.  The clinic will be held for those six-months of age or older.

Cape Ann Military Family Support Group collecting items for our Soldiers in Time for the Holidays

Employees, staff and volunteers at Addison Gilbert Hospital will be assisting the Cape Ann Military Family Support Group in collecting items to be sent to our Cape Ann soldiers in time for the holidays. Containers are marked inside the main entrance of Addison Gilbert Hospital in the Fisher Lobby for items being collected.

The following items are being requested:

Candy Canes, miniature matchbox cars

Assorted snacks:  Beef jerky, beef sausage logs, slim Jim’s, individual cookie , cheese and cracker packs, dried fruits and fruit, pudding and applesauce cups, packaged dried fruits, seeds, nuts and raisins, peanut butter and individual cereals boxes, Pop-tarts, Breakfast bars, granola and health bars, Pretzels and Pringle’s canned chips

Canned items should have the pull tabbed tops:

Cups of Noodles Dinty Moore Meals, Pasta Dinners and bowl type meals

Soups Ready to eat  and packet soups, Canned tuna,chicken, salmon pull top cans only

individual packets of condiments: mustard, catsup, relish, Mayonnaise, B-B-Q sauce, single serve salad dressings, jelly and jams.

Powdered drinks: Crystal Light lemonade mixes, Kool-Aid,  teas, coffee, cocoa, milk Assorted candy and gum Small games, playing cards, Uno, Sorry, puzzles, crossword books andtravel size board games.

Thank you for your consideration to help!

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