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4:30AM There goes Tuffy. Another day in the grind. #lobsterman #GloucesterMA

Tuffy Shares: 1991 . The Perfect Storm. Tears of Joy.

I want to share with you, an event that had a profound effect on me. And it wasn’t the Choas of the Giant ocean storm, looming off our coast.

Sitting at the bottom of my basement stairs, with my head in my hands, watching the water beginning to rise up thru the floor and ground.

Contemplating my next move. Thinking about how Hussey and I, just lost 800 traps and heavy damage to our vessel from this Historic Storm.

With waves being recorded offshore as high as 100 ft.      And winter approaching.

  The Real Event was about two little girls.

I hear the door open, and down the stairs comes Degelis ( 5 yrs. old ) and Elyse ( 3 yrs. old ).

They walk right by me. With their little rubber boots with flowers on them and their neon colored beach buckets.

Dega , already showing strong signs of being an organizer and orchestrater, put together a plan.

With her sidekick, trooper and confidant, little Elyse.

Elyse had her own language, only   understood. It was like living with miniature Penn and Tellers.

So they got busy. They were filling their buckets and dumping them in the cellar sink.

I asked ” What are you doing ” ?  Dega simply replied  ” we’re saving the house”.

Well, all of a sudden I was completely overwhelmed and overtaken with positive emotion and feelings. Looking at their little faces.

Their gesture of kindness, thoughtfulness and team work was so pure, I had no control of the tears running down my cheeks.

I instantly felt success. What was instilled in them would carry them thru a life time. They had iT.

Dega looked up at me and said   ” Dad, are you o.k. ?? “. I replied ” yes honey, tears of joy. Just tears of joy.”

We all have go- to thoughts. These are mine.

   I hope you enjoyed this true story.   Love.



4:44AM With Tuffy and Jimmy At The Dock

You Know Our Lobsterman Who Everybody Loves- Tuffy? Well His Daughter Launched A Metallic Tattoo Brand- TribeTats. check ‘Em out!


Check It Out Here-


Seems like a pretty cool and NON-permanent way to add a little fun to someone’s style-

From the site-

TribeTats is the highest quality metallic tattoo brand, representing the intersection of jewelry, tattoos and body art.
Using only the best materials to create non-toxic body jewelry with a deluxe adhesive that lasts for up to six days, TribeTats is raising the bar in its category.
It is also the exclusive provider of perforated sheets for easy separation — no scissors required — and Rose Gold designs. All U.S. orders ship free; worldwide shipping for only $10. 

Gloucester Fishing Throwback- 1983 Scott Swicker, Hussey and Tuffy Fishing Wooden Lobster and Crab Traps Off An Old Wooden Novi Boat

Photos from Tuffy

If you don’t think those old wooden lobster traps weighed a whole hellova lot more than today’s wire gear then you don’t know much about then and now lobstering.


Look how skinny Swicker was back then…


Tuffy’s Daughter Degelis From Lobster Girl To COO. Is there Anything She Can’t Do?

Playing with lobsters

Degelis Tufts took a break from the hustle and bustle of New York City this August to roll up her sleeves and get busy banding on a father-daughter lobstering trip aboard the Degelyse. This is nothing new to Degelis, as she’s been playing with lobsters since she was a baby and has been helping dad on the boat since age 6. 

Degelis is now the COO of TopShelf Clothes, a (free!) online personal shopper for women. TopShelf has a team of personal stylists finding the items you need from across the top online retailers, lets you vote on their suggestions with a click of a button, and automatically creates an online closet for you based on past purchases. Ladies of Good Morning Gloucester – check it out at




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