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Gloucester Quilter is Rockin the LobStar!

The LobStar.
Yup, we got one as a present this year. It’s awesome.
Designed by a friend of my brother’s.
Sorry, I can’t make it to the Rocky Neck plunge because Dot and I got VIP tix to the Pat’s tomorrow!  w00t! w00t!
Have fun!


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Susie and Her 6 Foot Lobster Roll

I went to a friends cookout and another friend of mine Darren Surette made this giant 20 some pound cheese burger. I told him at my next cookout I would have to out do his burger. So with much thought i decided to make a 6 foot lobster roll. Joe Virgillio made the 6ft roll for me and 30 lobsters later a 6ft lobster roll was born. What a sweet sound it was when Darren spoke those words~~ Yes, Susie you won !!

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Update II : 2012 Good Morning Gloucester FOB Christmas Tree Post

Send in pics of your Christmas Tree and I’ll Post em

send in your Christmas tree pics to


De Primio Christmas Tree

image (1)

Hi Joey,

This is our Christmas Tree.  Post it if you can!

Merry Christmas!

Doug and Gloria Parsons

xxmas tree

Marty Morgan and Mark Lindsay Christmas Tree

Tree decorated by a sailor, Mark Lindsay, who loves trains. My wife, Marty
Morgan bought a hand blown glass ball each year and we now have an entire
tree full.


Loved your tree. Here is mine ! Lots of Swedish things from Jul Fair in ROCKPORT. Merry Christmas ! Alice Gardner

photo (2)

Oh Christmas Tree From Solange Baumann


photo (3)

From GMG’s Florida fans, Merry Christmas!  The St Clair-Kings

Craig Kimberley and  Hanna Christmas Tree-

photo (4)

Dear Joey and GMG:About 30 years ago we lived in a tiny house that had no room for a Christmas tree. We were given an old wrought iron gate which fit perfectly in a picture window. Since then that’s always been our Christmas tree. Holds beaucoup ornaments, fits against a wall, and never drops needles on the floor!Merry Christmas to all!

Joy and Tom Halsted


Hey Joey,

Hope you are having a great Chirstmas day! Here is our tree decorated with the "Lobstar"!

Best, Bex


A very happy and memorable Christmas in the home of Cammygrammy.  Camdyn has a 3 1/2 month old brother, the most blessed gift of all. Wishing peace and health in the New Year and thanks to GMG for keeping us all connected.