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7th Annual Cigar and Rum Sunset Sail On The Lannon Is July 20th- Get Yer Tickets!!!


Every Year It’s One Of The Best Nights Of The Summer.  Every Year I warn people to get their tickets early.  Every year people that drag their feet get left out because they don’t get online and reserve their spots.

So don’t tell me I didn’t give you the heads up!

Hit the link and make sure you make it for one of the best takes of the year.  two cigars from Paul Giacalone, Ryan and Woods Incredible Spirits and a Sail on the MOST BEAUTIFUL SHIP IN GLOUCESTER HARBOR- The Thomas E Lannon.

Here’s the link to get your tickets-

Cigar and Rum Cruise 2016


I am some pleased that I got tickets to this year’s Cigar and Rum cruise aboard the Schooner Thomas E Lannon. I’ve missed the boat a few times because I waited to get tickets.

Here are some pictures and a few videos:

Book a sail on the most beautiful boat in Gloucester Harbor, The Thomas E Lannon

Smoke some of Paul Giacalone’s Awesome Plus Ninety Rated Cigars
Plus Ninety Cigars On Facebook

Drink The Finest Distilled Spirits Hand Crafted Right here In Our Home Port- Ryan and Wood Distillers

Live Blogging The Lannon, Plus Ninety Cigars,  Ryan and Wood, GMG  Cigar and Rum Cruise 

Every year it’s the same old story.  I tell everyone ahead of time to order your tickets fast because it always sells out fast and then the day of I get 20 phone calls asking me how they can get on the boat.  They get left out and the smart ones many returning Cigar and Rum Alumnus have gone on every single cruise because they book right away.  Aaaand once again at the end of the night everyone is patting each other on the back saying “Jesus wasn’t that awesome?”  “Best night of the summer.”  “I look forward to this every year”

All I can say is that if you missed out on a sail on the most beaufiul boat in Gloucester, look for the date for Felicia’s wine and food cruise coming up soon (date TBD).  Thanks Paul, Bobby, Heath, everyone that came out and the great crew on the Lannon.

Look for Nichole and Manny’s photos with lots of pictures of our Motley Crew in their respective posts.

Book a sail on the most beautiful boat in Gloucester Harbor, The Thomas E Lannon-

Smoke some of Paul Giacalone’s Awesome Plus Ninety Rated Cigars-

Plus Ninety Cigars On Facebook

Drink The Finest Distilled Spirits Hand Crafted Right here In Our Home Port- Ryan and Wood Distillers-

The Thing About Our Cigar and Rum Cruise Aboard The Thomas E Lannon Is That We Never Have Any Fun

Hey Joey Need A Light? Aboard The Thomas E Lannon With Captain Tom @schoonerlannon1

A post shared by Joey C (@captjoe06) on

I’ve said it for as long as I can remember. If I had a visitor in Gloucester for only one day and they wanted to do the very best thing they could do in this city and it could be only one thing, at the pinnacle of my list would be a sunset cruise aboard the Thomas E Lannon. The pinnacle. As in the very tippity top of the list. Such a no-brainer good time, The Ellis family are the nicest, funnest, most hospitable people in this town, the Lannon is the most beautiful boat in town, you get Gloucester Harbor. It Is The Perfect Evening, Every Single Time!
It doesn’t hurt that you get to share your time drinking with Gloucester’s finest spirits with Bobby and Doug Ryan from Ryan and Wood, and 95Plus rated cigars from Paul Giacalone. Win Win Win
Photos from Terry Weber-

So sweet Of Pauline Bresnahan to make a special commemorative pennant for us

GMG: Cigar and Rum Cruise

live blogging onboard the gorgeous Lannon!

2015 Cigar and Rum Cruise Tickets 5 Spots Just Opened Up For Tuesday Night’s Sail!

It Always Sells Out!

Buy Your Tix online now!

2 Killer Cigars From Paul Giacalone’s Personal Collection, 3 Rum Drinks From Ryan and Wood Distillery, A Sail On The Lannon All For Only $40

Total deal of the century.  If You added all this up that’s like $85 worth of stuff and even if it cost double it would be worth quadruple.  Best night of the summer.  I can’t wait!

Order now-

Book online at:
Or call (978) 281-6634



Photos from Past Cruises Courtesy Kim Smith and Dani Lubbers-

View album

Snapshots from the Schooner Lannon Cigar and Rum Cruise

Joey Ciaramitaro Alicia DeWolf ©Kim Smith 2014The cruise was wonderful fun! Thanks so much to our host Joey, Captains Tom Ellis and Heath Ellis, Bob and Doug Ryan for their fabulous Ryan and Wood rum cocktails, Paul Giacalone for cigars, which although I don’t smoke were throughly enjoyed by guests, and the always awesome Lannon crew! 

Schooner Lannon Cigar and Rum cruise -3 ©Kim Smith 2014

Schooner Lannon Cigar and Rum cruise ©Kim Smith 2014 -2

Bob and Doug Ryan Schooner Lannon ©Kim Smith 2014 copyBob and Doug Wood ~ Loved the cocktails in coconuts–what a delightful touch!

My apologies to our friends on the cruise that there are so few photos. This morning when looking at the images I noticed a giant black sploge on every photo–a huge goober on my image sensor. Here’s a few without the sploge after photoshopping out.

Today at Hunt’s photo in Melrose, my go-to place for all camera wants, needs, and crisis, Doug showed me how to professionally clean my image sensor, and its not as scary as you might think!

Schooner Lannon Cigar and Rum cruise ©Kim Smith 2014

Terrible Time Aboard The Thomas Lannon For The Paul Giacalone / Ryan and Wood / GMG Cigar and Rum Sail

It was just terrible.  Hurricane force winds, torrential downpours, lost two or three people overboard, the boat was a filthy mess, the most rude obnoxious people you’d ever wanna meet.

A total disaster evidenced by the pictures.

Better pictures on the way from Kim Smith (I was too busy trying to keep people from abandoning ship to take photos)

Look at the sheer misery on these faces-

2014-07-15 20.16.16

That James Eves, he doesn’t know how to have a good time does he?

2014-07-15 20.50.462014-07-15 20.51.332014-07-15 20.08.332014-07-15 19.38.45

In all seriousness I can’t extend enough thanks to Tom,Kay and Heath Ellis and their crew as well as Bobby and Doug Ryan from Ryan and Wood  our local distillery, and Paul Giacalone for providing excellent excellent smokes.

Check out Ryan and Wood for a tour of their facility, it is amazing


and if you haven’t been on a sail aboard the Lannon (the most beautiful boat in Gloucester Harbor by a mile) you really need to, especially if you have guests in from out of town.  It is my number one must do thing I tell people when they ask me what they need to do while in town.   You get to see Gloucester Harbor in all it’s glory on the most beautiful boat in the harbor with the friendliest crew in the harbor.  Total no brainer city easy recommendation for the win.


Attention: Cigar and Rum Sail Aboard The Lannon Postponed

Hi Joey,

Thursday night’s Cigar and Rum sail on the Schooner Thomas E. Lannon has been postponed out of respect for our fearless leader and his family. Joey’s father-in-law passed away. We extend him and his family our deepest sympathy.

We will reschedule the sail in August and will surely keep you posted.


Kay and Tom Ellis,
Bob Ryan
Paul Giacalone

Matthew Green Photo

Final Cigar and Rum Cruise Will Be September 4th On The Lannon. Get Your Tickets While They Last

OK We’re Doing The Final Cigar and Rum Cruise On The Thomas Lannon September 4th. Two Cigars from Old Cuban Cigar Co, Rum Drinks From Bobby Ryan’s Private Collection and Ryan and wood Distillery and a cruise on the Lannon.  Last one sold out in 4 hours. I’m sending this out to my inner circle before posting it on the blog so if you wanna go, call Kay at The Lannon office now- 978-281-6634


5 spots Opened Up for Tonight’s Cigar and Rum Cruise Aboard the Lannon Call Kay Now 978-281-6634

Call Kay Now


Anyone that went on our cruise last year knows it was one of the best nights of the summer.  The tickets are $35 and include Two Old Cuban Cigar Co cigars which are valued around $10 each, Folly Cove Rum drinks from Ryan and Wood AND a sail aboard the Thomas E Lannon.  All together it’s like a $85 value that you get for only $35.  but you know what?  Even if it was $85 I bet everyone that went last year would buy tickets again because it was THAT great a night.

So if you are one of my peeps, I want you aboard so we can hang smoking the finest cigars, drinking the finest rum and sailing aboard the most beautiful boat in all of Gloucester Harbor, the Thomas E Lannon.

Tickets are not going to last.  Please if you know you are one of the people I like to hang with call Kay at the Lannon ticket office and reserve your spot so we can chillax together.

Call now 978-281-6634


SOLD OUT IN LESS THAN 12 HOURS GMG Cigar and Rum cruise Featuring Ryan and Wood Folly Cove Rum and Old Cuban Cigar Company Cigars Aboard The Most Beautiful Ship In Gloucester Harbor- The Thomas E. Lannon #BOOM!

I begged you all to buy your tickets.  Hopefully we have the coolest of the cool going. 

Cigar and Rum Sail Photos From John Simmons

Had a Great time In Gloucester. As well as the Cigar & Rum Cruise. The sunset (moon rise) cruise was a totally remarkable view of Gloucester. I love Good Harbor Beach as I do every year. The lobsters Mike Collins and I picked up from you were fabulous. Keep up the tremendous work on GMG. I’ll see you again next year
Treat Everyday as Game Day,
John Simmons
Erie, PA


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