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ELSIE and BLUENOSE, Start of the First Race

from verso:  "Start of the first race of the Internatonal Race, showing 'Elsie' in the lead with Bluenose in rear."  1921, Halifax Nova Scotia

From the collections of the CAPE ANN MUSEUM, Gloucester, Massachusetts

“Start of the first race of the International Race showing ‘Elsie’ in the lead with Bluenose in the rear” 1921 Halifax, Nova Scotia

Thanks to  Fred Buck for locating this photograph and sharing it with the Gloucester Schooner Festival committee.

From A Race for Real Sailors  The first ELSIE – BLUENOSE RACE.

_________ The two fairly flew across the water, all sails filled in the stiff quartering breeze and hulls rolling heavily in the deep chop.  “The end of Bluenose’s 80-ft. boom was now in the water, now halfway up to the masthead as she gained on her rival.  The Elsie rolled still harder and three times brought her main boom across the Bluenose’s deck, between the fore and main rigging.”  It was a constant battle for the weather berth, with members of both crews either handling lines or working aloft or hugging the windward rails.  Anyone daring to raise his head above the weather rail on Bluenose caught the caught the edge of Walter’s caustic tongue.  __________

A Race for Real Sailors is in stock at the Cape Ann Museum. 

The stirring and poignant tale is illustrated with 51 historical photographs and five maps, and rounded out by a glossary of sailing terms and an appendix of the ever-changing race rules. This is a story that will keep even confirmed landlubbers pegged to their seats, a tale of iron men and wooden ships whose time will never come again.

Al Bezanson

Chickity Check It! Bluenose II Current View and Relaunch Webcams Prep for Relaunch Next Saturday!

Hi Joey,

The ties to Gloucester for the Bluenose II are strong and historic.  We’d appreciate it if you could post the relaunch of the Bluenose II live relaunch webcam in Lunenburg, Nova Scotia.  As you probably know, the relaunch will be next Saturday morning ~7:00 EST (8:00 in NS).

The link to the live relaunch webcam is though it is not live yet.

The link to the Bluenose II current view is


Thanks so much, Margaret Jeddry


Lunenburg Shipyard, Lunenburg, Nova Scotia, Canada


Nova Scotia’s famous sailing ambassador is undergoing a major rebuild during 2011 & 2012 to ensure its legacy for many years to come. The project is taking place at the Lunenburg Shipyard, site of the construction of Bluenose in 1921. The public is invited to see and learn about preserving this important piece of Nova Scotia’s heritage. The work is being carried out by the Lunenburg Shipyard Alliance consisting of Snyder’s Shipyard, Covey Island Boatworks & Lunenburg Industrial Foundry & Engineering. Come visit the site until the re-launch this summer and see Nova Scotia boat-building at its best.

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Destination South West Nova Scotia

Right NOW LIVE!!!!!! Click To Watch The Launching Of The Bluenose II

From Bluenose II: "The yard has advised us that the side transfer will take place tomorrow. Thursday 23rd. Probably starting in the morning and lasting as long as it takes. The steps are being taken away now. "

We’ve done dozens of posts on The Bluenose II when she’s in Gloucester for Schooner Festival you can view the links below-

and here-

Click to watch the webcam-


Chickity Check it! The Bluenose II Reconstruction/Construction Project

I have no idea how they call it a reconstruction as it seems like they are building an entirely new boat.  The Bluenose II was an incredibly beautiful boat but according to The Queens new Life in Canada blog, it’s keel was warped and they totally deconstructed it.

So they built this enormous structure to rebuild build another Bluenose II.

Click the thumbnail to go to The Queens New Life In Canada for fantastic photos of the construction process

Here are some of my pictures of The Bluenose II when she was in Gloucester August 31, 2008-

Captain Phil Watson Aboard The Bluenose II

Schooner Bluenose II 4:45AM 9/6/09

Big time thanks to Mike and Sharon who have been covering the Schooner Festival superbly.  I’ve been just too busy at work to be able to cover it the way I’d like to but the team definitely stepped up.  Great job!

Bluenose II Gloucester At Dawn

Bluenose II Gloucester At Dawn

Ken Sutton, Chief Engineer In The Engine Room Of The Bluenose II

Spotless down in the engine room as you would expect aboard The Bluenose II.

Very cramped area to work on the engines compared to the Gloucester draggers that we’ve done videos of in their engine rooms. That is to be expected as The Bluenose II was built and designed as a sailing schooner first and not a powered vessel.

Wheel Of The Bluenose II Polished and Shiny

I got down to see the Bluenose II three different random times and guess what?  Every time I was there for 15 minutes during a coffee break someone was polishing the wheel.

Lot’s Of Work Aboard The Bluenose II

It was the perfect weather, lots of sun and a gentle breeze. You’d think that working on one of these schooners it would be time to kick back after the race and enjoy the rest of the day.

Not the case.

The crew was busting it out. Working their butts off. I took pictures early this morning when the boat’s deck was all shiny and gleaming. By the time all the spectators had walked the decks along with the race, the deck was all scuffed up and I imagine there won’t be any rest til she’s back all shiny again.

Captain Phil Watson Aboard The Bluenose II

Skipper Phil Watson was gracious enough to let me aboard even though the ship was closed to passengers for an interview.  His interview along with an interview with Chief Engineer Ken Sutton, pics and videos are all coming at you later in the week.

You gotta love the access a GoodMorningGloucester Sticker will grant ya!  LOL!

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