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You Can Own The American Eagle For $750,000 (Which Is a Steal Considering How Much Money They’ve Dumped Into The Adventure)

The American Eagle Has Been Completely Restored Meticulously And Can Actually Take Paying Passengers

(No slight to the well intentioned and passionate people who have donated millions upon millions to the restoration of The Schooner Adventure)  It’s going to be awesome once The Gloucester’s Big Dig Adventure gets sailing but in the meantime you can get the last Gloucester built fishing schooner which is a proven turn key sail operation.

Thanks Anthony Marks for submitting-


Here’s the link to the listing-

When I knew the American Eagle she was offloading whiting here at our dock- Captain Joe and Sons and she looked like she did in this first picture-


Frankie and I would nail the wooden box covers on the boxes of whiting to be shipped to New York’s Fulton Fish Market.  If you would have told me back then that The American Eagle would ever have gotten the makeover it got and be selling in 2015 for $750,000 I would have laughed you out of the building.  Probably one of the greatest success stories out of many failed dreams of restoring old, huge money to maintain wooden fishing boats.

Rosalie Parisi forwards this link back in 2012-

The American Eagle used to offload whiting and groundfish here at our dock back in the day.  It was an eastern rigged dragger which most of the Gloucester fleet was back then and Captained by Rosalie’s father Captain Joe Piscitello. 

The American eagle was bought from her father and converted into the boat she is now, a schooner.  You can read all about it here-


and now this is what she looks like-


More GMG coverage of Modern Day American Eagle-

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Lobster Cove, Magnolia, Stage Fort Park,Schooner Adventure, Maritime Gloucester Under Snow From Peter Dorsey #GloucesterMA

Peter Dorsey submits-
The Bridgewater footbridge which crosses an icy Lobster Cove


A snowy Lobster Cove from the beginning of Leonard Street


The Schooner Adventure on Maritime Gloucester’s main pier, and looking toward East Gloucester


Stage Fort Park full of snow from the Blizzards of 2015


Magnolia Beach looking toward Coolidge Point, Manchester


Adventures with Donna

"Adventures with Donna." I cannot walk and I cannot drive (yet). I rely on my friends for 99% of my transportation to anywhere, including medical appointments and buying essential items. Today, Donna Ardizzoni, a fellow GMG author, drove me to the East Gloucester Rite Aid. We got everything I needed, including special special undergarments (which I'll cover in another post). One thing we found was Monkey Butt Powder, which may have worked for me after wearing my sneakers for several months without socks. One can only do that with a true friend.

“Adventures with Donna.” I cannot walk and I cannot drive (yet). I rely on my friends for 99% of my transportation to anywhere, including medical appointments and buying essential items. Today, Donna Ardizzoni, a fellow GMG author, drove me to the East Gloucester Rite Aid. We got everything I needed, including special special undergarments (which I’ll cover in another post). One thing we found was Monkey Butt Powder, which may have worked for me after wearing my sneakers for several months without socks. One can only do that with a true friend.


Adventure and Maritime Gloucester re-unite

Hi Joey,

Wednesday was a busy day for the Adventure.   Her crew finished repairing the stem and getting her ready to move.   She was re-launched at the evening high tide, and left GMR for her new at Gloucester Maritime on the Harbor Loop.   We had some friends and family come by to see us off.   Graham Makay once again captained the Adventure for her short ride across the harbor.   We were welcomed by our newly expanded family from Gloucester Maritime, with board members, family and friends from both organizations joining in a champagne toast.   A row crew also came out to give us an all oar salute.  Despite a bit of rain, the mood at the wharf was quite festive.   The Adventure’s Sarah Tuvim recognized that between the 2 organizations, we made a wonderful rainbow of raincoats to brighten our evening.

Mary Barker

Historic Adventure

Today I went down to Maritime Gloucester to take a look at Schooner Adventure at her new summer home. While there, I ran into Jim Burkholder and Christine Minnix of New Hampshire. Jim and Christine have a particular interest in Adventure. Jim’s grandfather was Col Edwin H. Cooper, who, in the 1930s, photographed Adventure and other maritime subjects.Jim and Christine have recovered the collection and have reproduced many of the images as prints and note cards.They can be reached at or 603 997 9521.

DSCF4558Jim shows some of the photo collection to Ardelle’s skipper, Harold Burnham.

IMG2 IMG3_0001Two images from the Col Edwin H Cooper collection, circa 1937. Reproduced with permission.

GMR and Schooner Adventure happenings

Hi Joey,

The Gloucester Marine Railway is a busy place these days.  Everyone is busy getting their boats ready now that 

we have some warm weather.   The tug Towline is being painted.   The Ardelle came out on Monday and was 

powerwashed, Harold Burnham expects her to go back in Wed morning at high tide, about 5 a.m.   The Adventure’s crew are

very busy painting, caulking, and replacing the outer section of the stem.   Geoff Deckenbach expects her to go 

back in on Wed evenings high tide, about 5 p.m.  The Adventure will motor over to the Harbor Loop which she will make

her new home by the Maritime Museum.  Meanwhile, the Phyllis A’s team is raring to go with her restoration, we are awaiting 

word on when she can come up into dry dock.    Workers pictured include Geoff, Manny from GMR, John Miles, Tony Finnociarro, 

Sarah Tuvim, Katherine Richmond of KR Painting all on the Adventure,  and Doug Parson’s with the Phyllis A.   Michael Bergman

stopped by.   He is very anxious to get back onboard to continue working on making the rat’s rails (ladder like structure up to the 

top of the masts).

Mary Barker

The Schooner Adventure Welcomes Her New Captain, Stefan Edick

Mary Barker Submits-

Hi Joey,

The Schooner Adventure welcomes her new captain, Stefan Edick (on the right in the blue cap), shown here planning for pipe installation with ship keeper, Geoff Deckebach.


The Adventure has a newly constructed temporary cover over the stern to allow her crew and volunteers to do caulking on deck.   April 22, 2014 had John Miles, Sarah Tuvim,

Anders von Ashwege, Richard Smith and Tony Finnociarro removing the old and installing new caulking on deck.   Prepping for a fresh coat of paint has also been started.

Meanwhile below deck, Capt. Stefan Edick, Geoff Deckebach,and engineer Bill Whitney collaborated on the location for some new plumbing for re-installation of the fore head.     

Geoff assures me that anyone who would like to volunteer to help with some of the upkeep of the Adventure would be very welcome.  There is plenty of work available for people

of any skill level.

Mary Barker

Photos from March Sailing Adventures

Hi Joey,
I just wanted to share some pictures of the Sail GHS Racing Team. They have been out practicing for the last week and a half for their upcoming scrimmage. A little wind, a little rain, a little cold, and some freezing waters can’t keep these sailors away. No wimps here – look at those smiles!
Go Sail GHS!
– Becca Campbell

Gloucester Kitty Adventure- Please Help Find The Owner

Hey Joey,
Here’s a GMG story for you. Last night a certain Kathy Santuccio was picking up a friend at Pond View Village when she noticed a stray cat. On her way to pick up her sister, she parked on the boulevard to call and let her know that she was on her way, when she heard a cat howling-underneath her car.  She called the police; officer George Carr responded with compassion and respect. That’s when I came along. We all looked under the rear of the car, illuminated by Officer Carr’s flashlight. Sure enough, we could see grey and white fur, but no face. The cat’s head was stuck facing front. Soon the area was protected by additional cruisers and Tally’s had arrived. With the help of the tall lanky Tally’s driver, Officer Carr extracted the cat, frightened but unharmed.
Long story short, I am holding the cat, and looking for the owner. See photo. It appears to be a well -cared-for neutered male with a tiny white tip on its tail.
Can you post his picture, so we can get to a happy ending?
Caroline Haines

photo (69)

The Adventure’s Fo’c’sle is coming along.

Hi Joey,

Despite the cold, snowy weather, the Schooner Adventure’s crew continue to be hard at work below deck.

They are rebuilding the fo’c’s’le – crew bunks and galley.    Here are a few shots that show the work done to date.  Most of these shots are taken from near the mid ship area looking forward towards the bow.   The vertically boarded wall is the bow’s watertight bulkhead.   This was not originally present on the Adventure, but is a current Coast Guard requirement.   I’ve included a couple of shots of John Miles and our intern, Sarah, doing the woodworking.   The last 2 shots show the vertical partitions between the bunks.   The final shot is taken from the bow looking aft towards a mast and the watertight bulkhead that separates the fo’c’s’le from the fish hold.   The galley will be built along that bulkhead.

Mary Barker

VIDEO: Schooner Adventure Sails Again

Cape Ann TV’s Lisa Smith sent this video by Josef Hnulik, filmed aboard Schooner Adventure during this year’s Schooner Festival  featuring Daisy Nell & Captain Stan on the soundtrack.

Come aboard the Schooner Adventure for a sail in Gloucester Schooner Festival’s Mayor’s Race. It is the Adventure’s first race after she underwent a restoration project lasting two decades. The crew is proud of this historic fishing vessel, as they are the ones who restored her to her former grandeur.

Huge Update On the Adventures of Bubba the Missing Tortoise!!!!!!

IMG_2296 - Copy

Dear Joey,

As you know, a few weeks ago our dear family pet of 24 years decided to wander off into the South Woods of Rockport while staying with a friend of ours. We were having renovations done on our Pigeon Cove home and Bill Crosby of Thatcher Road, generously offered to take in our 64 year old pet tortoise until the work was completed. September 20th was an exceptionally warm day and Bubba decided to break out of his pen to take a look around. Tortoises can move pretty quickly when they want to. He had at least a two to three hour head start before he was missed. For the next eleven days Bill, myself and my husband Geoff, family, friends, neighbors and people we do not even know searched the woods daily. Bubba is a South American Red Footed Tortoise. After living with us for nearly two and half decades, he is quite domesticated. He comes to us when he is called, follows us around the house like a puppy, eats out of our hands and is truly a member of our family. 

Typically Bubba lives outside in a secure pen during the summer and moves into the family house when the days and nights get chilly. Needless to say we were very anxious to find him as the fall weather grew seasonally cooler. A multitude of compassionate people from all over Cape Ann volunteered their time searching for our well camouflaged, vagabond creature. Countless acres were covered countless times. Tiny pre-schoolers from Rainbow Day School, located down the street from where Bubba was last seen, joined in searching the school yard under the supervision of the school’s owner Wendy Hyatt and her staff. Some of the September evenings dipped near to freezing with very cool day time temperaures. Bill and Geoff hired professional dog trackers up from Connecticut to find him, but  the results fell short of a happy ending.

Then on October 1st as I was leaving work, I received a call from my husband. “Guess who has come home?” I was ecstatic! It seems Geoff had gone into the woods once again calling Bubba’s name. This time however he decided to activate the door-lock alarm  of his car over and over. Bubba’s home pen is near where the family cars are parked. Geoff wondered if Bubba would recognize the sound he had heard daily for nearly eight years. What happened next fell into a miraculous timing of events. Geoff left after about an hour with no sign of Bubba. A little more than an hour later Bill heard his dog Buddy barking. The handsome, black German Shepherd usually only barks when cars are coming up the dirt road to their secluded woodland home. There were no cars approaching. when Bill went outside to investigate, he saw Buddy barking at something on the hill about twenty yards from his porch. He could not believe his eyes! There was Bubba sitting on a rock in the sunlight looking down at them! He snapped a picture with his i phone, sent it to Geoff and the rest was nothing but a blissful, happy reunion!

We deeply wish to thank everyone who helped us in any way to rescue our Bubba!  During the weeks he was gone we were sad and fearful for our pet. We were also hopeful that HE MIGHT FIND US!  And so he did!

With appreciation and grateful hearts,

Bubba the tortoise, Barbara and the Goddard family

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