Gloucestercast 240 With Karen Pischke, Bill Bobskill, Kim Smith and Joey Ciaramitaro Taped 9/3/17

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Gloucestercast 240 With Karen Pischke, Bill Bobskill, Kim Smith and Joey Ciaramitaro Taped 9/3/17


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Topics Include:

SchoonerFest 2017
Hats off To Schooner Festival Committee Members
Shout Out To Eastern Point Guard Who Got Run Down
Tuesday September 12th City Hall Meeting About Ban The Thin Plastic Bags and Polystyrene Cups
Gloucester Tease
Michael Chamness- Schooner Photos At The Lone Gull
Watching The Schooner Festival Parade of Sail From The Cape Ann Whale Watch Hurricane


  • Very hard hitting PODCAST so many needed messages in this one! Dave

    Sources: Various and Training I have received since 1970’s…be the one person that makes a difference as it does matter!!

    He is correct “we have to stop pretending it doesn’t exist as the common link in similar tragic incidents the documented prime factor behind the action – “the human aspect of this tragedy the hardest to prepare for, action required…position to stop, time is everything every second counts where the incident is taking place.”

    The time has come and it’s not too late to engage not only our ears in the listening process, but all our senses that communicate and bring us together (Emotional Trauma-Mental Health-Alcohol-drug intoxication, addictions have major impact in this area as do treatment options).

    The alternative is dividing and division where attention is redirected to other areas of those wishing us harm, or committing crimes, find a common meeting point – motivation, you do not have to agree, just listen – this is a choice on our part and it may help? And stop the proverbial Blame game when incidents do take place, play the fix game instead!

    We also must realize that what we have today is the result of what was created in the past by those we follow and our children who will follow us. The greatest weakness today is we have forgotten how to listen and truly feel what is said be accountable in some cases.
    We have in fact continually closed our ears to other voices, which drives our actions and reactions and that only divides, keeps us from moving forward to solve rather like a fire may start small but quickly grows out of control! The key is to try to be there, to put a stop to the attempted action before it starts, nothing is 100% but this is where the best results normally take place (Prevention pre-actions vice post action results).

    A simple term for this I have mentioned before is the analogy of a “Perfect Storm” all the elements come together and many times these elements are present but not acted upon, denied as even being possible. People thought putting a man on the moon was not possible either. We simply cannot overcome this by denial (practices in procedures-rules-laws are in place) for this Pre-indicators.

    Dave 😦

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  • This is a terrific podcast: informative, wide-ranging, and entertaining. The two guests create a lively dialogue with Joey. Karen. in particular, is knowledgeable on many of the topics and offers valuable insights. Great job!


  • Karen Pischke BSN, RN

    Thanks for your thoughtful comments Dave. PAARI and other organizations definitely have their work cut out, but I know they have and are working to make a positive impact on the lives of many. Great to be part of a city that works to ‘make a difference’ every day.


    • YES PAARI has doe amazing things in the most serious time of need and there is much work to be done persistence and human spirit even love are key! A very big storm today! Being their to make a difference is what it means to be human for sure! You are most welcome the bottom line regardless of lifestyles there is a human being on the other end those who push the poison with what they cut it with Lethal indeed! Many are saved only to be lost the very next day. It is nationwide why all the songs (needle and the damage done, Snow-blind friend, Pusher man etc…All written and song for a reason.

      I had to read and provide the police reports and OMI report to family member the pain is still fresh today from 2010 even. More treatment and prevention is the real case examples are so heartbreaking…

      I am a life member of this organization and they have been leading the way to address this issue nationally information is power along with awareness and the helping hand reaching out! Yes the hand in this area is most needed I dedicate this to all those in public safety and volunteers needed for the path forward:

      Source: National Sheriff’s Association{“issue_id”:387769,”view”:”articleBrowser”,”article_id”:”2722636″}

      Yes the community is the foundation to turn it around!



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