GloucesterCast 236 with Lesley Davison, Randy O’Neil, Corey Ricci-Munn, Corey Marshall, Charlene Delaney, Karen Pischke, Cat Ryan, Kim Smith and Joey Ciaramitaro Taped 8/6/17

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GloucesterCast 236 with Lesley Davison, Randy O’Neil, Corey Ricci-Munn, Corey Marshall, Charlene Delaney, Karen Pischke, Cat Ryan, Kim Smith and Joey Ciaramitaro Taped 8/6/17


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Topics Include:
Happy Birthday To Alicia Cox- Of Our Alicia Unleashed Podcast
Thanks To Lisa Templeton Who Sent A Couple Of Old Calendars Of Gloucester
The CPAP Machine- I Just Can’t
41st Running of The Magnolia 5k Road Race  August 26th to register-
Kay Ellis Memorial Fundraiser
Sidewalk Bazaar
Rocky Neck Accommodations Actually Has Availability This Summer and It’s Awesome.  Call 978-381-9848 or 978-804-0562 for more information and to reserve a room or email at
Danny Diamond- Diamond In the Rough
Downtown Gloucester Block Party This Saturday
When you ask your significant other if they want anything just before you place an order and they say no and then proceed to eat your food once it comes.-  The worst.
Annisquam Village Players Singing In The Rain Opens Tuesday Through Sunday For Tickets-
Carrilon Bells At Our Lady Of Good Voyage Church Every Saturday 5:15-5:45PM With LuAnn Palazolla
Painted Lady Butterfly Irruption
Plover Update


  • Paula Ryan O'Brien

    I listen! Another great informational podcast!

    Liked by 1 person

  • Karen Pischke BSN, RN

    Thanks Joey for sharing info about the Gloucester Love Fest! Thursday’s ‘Love Fest in Annisquam’ –

    Love Fest will also be at the Block Party this Saturday. Look for the giant easel and heart balloons. Hope to see you there and see what positive message you have to share about love. 🙂

    In regards to the sleep apnea, sleep apnea can lead to cardio-pulmonary disease so definitely work with your pulmonary doctor on what you can do for this. You and Kate will both sleep better. 😉


    • This one’s for Karen Pischke, another quote I really like sharing have so many: “Empty pockets never held anyone back. (Only empty heads and empty hearts can do that).” – Norman Vincent Peale (RE: Love Fest) 🙂

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      • Karen Pischke BSN, RN

        Lol. That quote rings truer than you might imagine. 😉

        Anyone can participate in Love Fest, even from afar. After all, love makes the world go round.’ We have contributors from around the globe. If you and Kim would like to share your message to ‘What does Love Mean to You?,’ I can add it to any/all upcoming banners. Just let me know what you would like to say and which banner(s) you would like me to add to – Annisquam, Block Party, Senior Center, Magnolia Farmer’s Market and/or Maritime Heritage/Schooner Festival. There’s no limit to Love! ❤ 🙂

        You can leave messages here or email to We know you listen to the podcasts!! 😀 Thanks for following the GMG blog and for supporting the Gloucester 'Love Fest!'


        • Thanks for your response – As soon as I catch-up with some other pressing issues things like are a wee bit hot our way not just weather but very bad winds are blowing troubled times…I do agree love does make the world go round and the more we get back to that, the better off the world will be! I’ll be totally honest way too much hate and miscommunication leads the way to that through agenda’s of some heartbreaking especially where children and elderly are the victims of this and crime!
          Love to me is the strong family foundation and the community and your way has an abundance of both!! 🙂 Dave & Kim 🙂


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