Little Chick is spending greater amounts of time in the deeper tide pools.

On Gloucester’s busiest of beaches, a tiny Piping Plover chick has survived five whole weeks. His survival is in large part due to the tremendous effort and kind caring of our community.  My most heartfelt thanks to everyone who has helped this resilient little guy come so far. Thank you especially to all the PiPl monitors, the crews of the DPW, especially the gentlemen who clean the beach and who drive the beach rake, beach picker uppers such as Patti Amaral, Patti and Kerry Sullivan, Gloucester conservation agent Ken Whittaker, Police Chief McCarthy, Animal Control Officer Dianne Corliss, the Volleyball Players, Coach Latoff and the GHS sports teams, the GHS cheerleaders, and countless others who have made allowances for the Piping Plovers to successfully nest at Good Harbor Beach.

All who are monitoring Little Chick have seen him fly fairly low to the ground in approximately ten foot distances. Within days he will have fully fledged, but it will still be several weeks more I think before he can undertake his first migration to the lower Atlantic states, Bahamas, or West Indies. He and Papa have adapted well to Good Harbor Beach and they very possibly could stay several weeks into August, feeding to build reserves for the long migration south. Or, they could leave GHB and join the Piping Plovers starting to gather at other barrier beaches such as Cranes and Plum Island. Young birds travel with old birds, who show them the way.

Hourly monitoring may no longer be needed, but it doesn’t hurt either to check in with the little guy and Papa regularly. It’s super important for the roping to stay in place as the family continue to use the cordoned off area as a “safe zone.” I will continue to film and update as long as they are at Good Harbor Beach, because that is part of the documentary, too.

The most rewarding moments are meeting on the beach fans of our Little Superstar. They are full of delighted interest and concern for the chick. Just this morning, I met mom Amy and her daughter Emma. They live in Southborough and have been daily following along with the adventures of Little Chick on Good Morning Gloucester. Amy thanked us for sharing Little Chick’s story.The beach was awash in seaweed, perhaps brought ashore by the storm of several nights ago. Extra wormy and mini-sea creature breakfast deliciousness today.

Well camouflaged in the sand and taking a brief rest before returning to the tide pools.

Warrior Three mastered, and don’t you love the beautiful patterning of the Piping Plover feathers.

Papa never to far off and always, always watching.


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  • Kim, thank you so much for sharing your keen eye and wealth of PiPl knowledge with Emma and me this morning! It was such a gift to get to see the plovers, one we’ll both long remember. We may live in Southborough now (or as I refer to it, WTFI – way too far inland ;), but I will always be a Gloucester girl, having grown up just up the road from GHB. Thanks to all who have helped Little Chick make it this far. And dog owners – wait til October, dammit!!


  • I love Cape Ann and follow the story of Little chick everyday, Edyth in west central Texas


  • Such wonderful photos through these five weeks…Thank you Kim, for capturing the sweet little plover’s life so far..


  • Thank you so much for these up to date pix! We can’t get to Long Beach due to illness, but these bring us closer to the sea air and sand. I would have been checking them out if I could!


  • Great story and to watch from egg to flight what a journey it is! Where both walks of life human and bird can live together is the way to go! Getting involved in both communities is something very special and will stay with you for a long time! 🙂 Dave & Kim 🙂 Well Done (T)


  • Beautiful photos!


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