I’m guilty of this…

I think one of the reasons I’m always the one behind the camera is because I just hate having my picture taken but after reading this I’m going to make sure I get in front of it more often!  Are you guilty too?  Then check out this article!

So you’re feeling too fat to be photographed


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  • Great post! Some of this is cultural also I know I did not like my photo taken even when thin…as a young lad did not mind to much but once I got to teen years less so! Never moon anyone with a camera either! 🙂 Dave & Kim 🙂

    P.S. Everything you own comes from within heart and mind. A quote a like from a book I read in (1990 Wokini mom sent me and reading the updated version 2005) a calling so to speak and what a journey!

    “Happiness is a wonderful feeling. it makes you feel good in an situation. It gives you hope in times of despair. It makes you feel peace in a world of turmoil. I want you to be happy anytime you wish it. To do that, you are invited to travel with David, a young Lakota Indian who learned the secret of being happy…” – (Billy Mills and Nicholas Sparks Lessons of a Lakota)! A young man’s journey to happiness and self-understanding…A master piece indeed I highly recommend!

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