GMG Reader Barbara Farrer shares an excellent trash idea and photo,

“My daughter and I went for a walk on the beach today and picked up handfuls of trash. This picture is from walking around 1/3 of the length of the beach and we couldn’t carry anymore garbage by that point. We noticed an abundance of plastic straw wrappers that we suspect came from the snack bar; perhaps the city should consider providing unwrapped straws to mitigate the problem, or stop giving straws (although that would be the tip of the iceberg). The real solution is a little effort and consideration by those who visit our beach, but a change to the snack bar’s straw policy may be a good start.”


  • Makes me sad and angry at the same time. They can’t even have barrels at the cemetery anymore because egnorant people leave their household trash there. It is out of control. Thank you for helping.


  • Perhaps the concession stand could switch to paper straws. They are a throwback to when I was a kid, but the new paper straws are sturdier and are still biodegradable. We need to get away from plastic as much as possible. It is a terrible problem for sea life.

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  • Good Harbor Beach certainly has had its trash problems. I want to share a funny thing that happened when I was there last year and gathering trash with the Saturday morning crew. I too wondered why there were so many straw wrappers. Upon examination I discovered they were actually some sort of dried plant but I would have bet money they were straw wrappers at first.


  • Everything you are doing is highlighting the issues with potential solutions great job every piece is one less piece out there that needs attention!! I know I am going to catch hell for saying this but I will anyway it does have a lot to with how you are brought up!

    Would you do this in your yard?

    I learned very young there in Lanesville that you put it away properly if not place where at tote it until you find a proper disposal medium! I remember throwing ice crème wrapper in front of mom when little on sidewalk she stopped looked me in the eye and said is that where that goes? I said no, well pick it up put it where it does! Enough said – set the example for other’s to follow!

    If children witness adults doing this they also think it is acceptable behavior, NOT!!

    Dave :-O

    PS It is out of control our way believe me and a world wide issue! :-O


  • My personal opinion,,,,if you stop giving them straws,,,then eventually these ignorant people will figure out that they will need to bring their own,,,problem not solved,,,go back to the paper straw as someone mentioned because they are bio-degradable but what about all the other trash they leave behind,,,can’t just blame out of towners anymore because lately they have been shut off early coming on to the beach,,,,,ugh,,,


  • Snack bar could offer paper straws.


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