Gloucester high school athletes summer beach training

These coaches and kids show up Monday, Wednesday, and Fridays and really dig in.  The Volunteer coaches today were Zach Smith and Kyle. Michael Lattoff (sp?) is retiring and started this boot camp 30+ years ago.  I marvel at the dedication of volunteer coaches.

My piping plover watch shift overlaps with this session. Good Harbor Beach piping plovers are conditioning alongside these hardworking athletes. The birds have to be well and strong for migration; zipping about the beach is no picnic.


Tough drills start low and use the ocean, too




  • Great post Catherine and I can tell you the beach sand build the legs up and my Jr. high days out west we did not have much grass in our practice area matter of fact it was mostly sand. The only downside was when sand got in between the protective equipment and we did have them notorious goat heads and once in a while burr grass ouch but both grew well in the sand.

    The plus side when you did get on grass or turf you though you had your old school yes; Keds or PF Flyers on faster indeed and built upon stamina! Where the Navy Seal Teams build up too! 🙂 Dave & KIm 🙂

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  • Great point, and the bracing waters!


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