Possibly you’ve noticed the missing sign at Good Harbor Beach. It was removed by the DPW in preparation for construction at GHB, by the footbridge. A foot bath is planned, the retaining wall needs fortifying, and a guest landing pad is being created. The work is scheduled to begin after the Fourth of July holiday.

Your Daily Good Harbor Beach Garbage Photo 


  • We can afford a ‘landing pad’ and a footbath, but no garbage disposal.


  • Paul T Morrison & RD

    A foot bath.

    Awesome. Now a small mini-dumpster right there to encourage carry in- carry out to the bridge? Can someone spend five dollars for a study as to why people leave so much garbage on the beach? Give me the five dollars: They are not going to walk back to their illegally parked car at Shaws with a cooler full of dirty diapers.

    And thank you Kim for pointing out how whatever rules we are using today are not working.

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    • Great response Paul! And yes, thank you Kim for addressing these issues – to make it better for all they say first impressions are lasting impressions! We have a lot of passive enforcement our way as well and does little to stem the problems. Sometimes it’s all a bout solid balance believe me!! Dave

      P.S. Like Paul said and I totally agree bring along a list of suggestions also to address cause and affect!


  • Why did Good harbor beach sell out to the developers of the condos that are still being built years later and the ones that just started across the beach. You sold out for $ sad! and the marsh will continue to be affected. Real sad!


  • Foot bath sounds nice.
    I think some trash barrels or a dumpster might help since the tourists are paying $30 to park.
    How much $$$ does the City make at the end of the year from beach parking? Minus expenses.
    What is the deal with the incomplete condo footings across the road? Is it a modern day STONEHENGE?
    IF TRUMP was Mayor, he would fill in the Marsh and build a HUGE parking garage with his name on it.
    I just wrote that to get half the people really angry. LOL


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