Naked eye test | Share your piping plover sightings #Glostaplover

Can you spot a piping plover? Train your eyes to scan for movement–it’s the easiest way to spy the piping plover summer 2017 brood. They scuttle along dry seaweed patches back and forth to the wet sand and within the enclosure. Yesterday the baby chicks were still apt to topple over inside sand scallop depressions.  Their future wings are visibly growing out. Now 1 week old, their sweet piping chirps are clearly audible. The parents are much easier to find. We’re lucky we can see the birds close up in Kim Smith’s gorgeous art.

Phone in hand? Share your Good Harbor Beach piping plover photos and observations! tag #Glostaplover and follow Gloucester Plover at

Volunteers are needed for shifts over the upcoming holiday weekend. Contact Ken



  • Great Job Catherine! A little left of the sign and in front of sign didn’t take my vitamin A yet so just a terrain look! I do know they like the wigwams or what drifts in on the beach for cover out of elements due blend in very well! 🙂 Dave & Kim


  • Good eyes, Dave! What a home base they picked. They really do seem to collect back in the safe enclosure when they need to.


    • What is even special is how you all are keeping and eye on them most appreciated for sure human and feathered friends! Thank you and everyone involved! 🙂 Dave


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