Friday’s new super moon is super boring. Why? Because it’s a new moon and that means you can’t see it since the moon and sun are in the same part of the sky. We will see high high tides and low low tides. BFD that happens every month but super means a little higher and a little lower (moon in perigee).

But Saturday and Sunday as the moon starts lagging behind the sunset there will be a Super Crescent. Look right after sunset.

For the TL;DNR crowd here is the crib sheet: 

Look after sunset at 8:37 PM on Saturday and 9PM Sunday for super crescent moon just to left of sunset.  Plum Cove, Lanes Cove, Halibut Point, the Ferris wheel, or any good view of sunset.

Saturday: (Saturday crescent is only 1.3% of moon. That is thinner than a Mister Creosote thin mint. It’s wafer thin.)

Dark blue line direction of moonset. Brown is sunset.

Sunday: take a photo of this one.

Graphics by cool program Photographer’s Ephemeris. << Click to check it out.

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