It’s in the Genes

Genes kind of crack me up a little bit.  While I’m (painfully) aware of how similar Finn and my husband are I find myself stopping to consider it more on Father’s Day.  Finn and Freddy look a ton alike…as I hear at least once per week while out and about with Finn.  I’m not lying when I say that complete strangers come up to Finn in public places and say, “You must be Freddy Schrafft’s son.”   I think that, in the photos below, Finn also looks like Freddy’s father, Fred.  My older son, Thatcher, looks nothing like Freddy or more….but shares most of my personality traits.  He does, however, look a lot like my husband’s sister’s son.  Strange.

What do you think?


Finn is on the left….Freddy, at about the same age, is on the right.

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