Would I Be Wrong To Post This Sign In My driveway?

So at the new homestead we have a skinny driveway that opens up to a space where you can easily park four cars with the teeny tiniest amount of courtesy and common sense.  You can clearly see the open space in front of you where you can park three side by side and one in the corner allowing everyone easy access to come and go as they please.


I’d say 5 times out of 10 people that are visiting or doing work pull right to the skinniest part of the driveway and park, making it impossible for anyone parked respectfully inside of them to leave.  Equally if not more frustrating, if someone is coming home they will have to block the person that parked like an asshole in, and then have to go back out to move the car to let them out.

So after having said that, do you think it’s entirely inappropriate to put up this sign right at the skinniest part of the driveway?

BTW Frankie Gwynne says it’s a total power move to park like that big of a dickhead


  • If they don’t have the common sense that God gave a head of lettuce to pull up to the back part of the driveway, they might not understand what parking like an asshole means. So if you’re going to post a sign, perhaps it should say Please park in the back and don’t block the driveway for everyone else. And then if they DO block the driveway, you could leave a note on their car telling them they are being inconsiderate. I’d avoid name calling as long as possible if you can resolve it peacefully. Be the good neighbor.


  • I have found that leaving a message like:
    “Does this vehicle float?
    Experiment is scheduled, inquire at Cove.”
    works.pretty well.


  • Glenn P Sutherland

    Why are these people parking in your driveway in the first place ? Block their access to your driveway.


  • Power move? Actually it’s a constipation move, and guess who’s the shit…
    To be honest, if you put that sign up they would just pull up enough to block the driveway higher up…dickhead is as dickhead does…


  • if it keeps it simple Joey (kiss) I say Yes, if they don’t get the sarcasm maybe they shouldn’t park there lol


  • How do I get a star like that on my roof?


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