GloucesterCast 229 With David Calvo, Kim Smith, Randy Oneil and Joey Ciaramitaro Taped 6/18/17

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Topics Include:

Wonder Woman IS A Must See
Parade Of Sails
GMG/Ryan and Wood Plus 90 Cigars Rum and Cigar Sail On The Thomas E Lannon Is Set For July 20th.
Parking- Would It Be Bad To Put Up A Sign That Reads “Pull All The Way Up and Don’t Park Like An Asshole”
David Calvo Wood Carving  and Craft Workshops- For Class Schedules
Swan and Plover Update
Alice Gardner Book Signing At The Library
Laura Ventimiglia “Nonna, What is St Peter’s Fiesta”
The Effect at Gloucester Stage
Butterfly Superhero Plants
2017-06-18 12.18.10

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