Blech. Why?


One thing is for certain, when Stage Fort is trash heaped, DPW will pick it up…but why does it have to be like this? Trash operations and picking up litter are expensive. National and state parks worldwide are taking out the trash cans rather than trash by instituting various carry in/carry out policies. Cape Ann is about as National Park worthy as any designation out there. I like

Carry IN Carry HOME 

to extra underscore that the parking lot isn’t “out” enough. Marketing won’t help 100%. Despite anti-litter, Keep America Beautiful and green goals, we drop stuff. Especially if it’s convenient. The Law of Litter will prevail. If there are barrels we toss it in, then on, and too quickly around. Once any scrap meets ground, an overflowing heap isn’t far behind. It’s the psychology of litter: people are more likely to litter where there’s litter.

There are great DPW departments (like ours), policies in place in every community, and people who stop pollution (like Donna, Kim, Patty, Amy, and others here in Gloucester). I am amazed and grateful for just how cleaned up the beaches and parks are with every morning’s reset.

Gloucester offers options: DPW, barrels, carry in/carry out, volunteer clean ups and pooper scooper baggy dispensers. If it’s not enough, other options include allocating more funds to the DPW and police department via the municipal budget, entrance fees, and ‘take out/to go orders’ tax charge. Or us.

all photos: Stage Fort Park this morning (before DPW) photos by Pauline Bresnahan. thanks for sending to GMG, Pauline


They brought their own bags…


people start pollution people can stop it


  • If you find their name on anything in that pile, prosecute.


  • A few years ago there were some solar powered compactors on the Boulevard and by Front Beach in Rockport. They held 3-4 times as much as a barrel. Where did they go and why aren’t there more? Carry in / carry out is simply not working. There has to be one thing else you try

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    • I agree 100% – carry in carry out is not working on Cape Ann. I see those pics and see clearly that people wanted to place their trash in the can, but there was not enough room. I was there before do this morning and could see almost every can was stuffed to the top. This is not rocket science. So easy – if carry in, carry out does not work, get better bins. And 99% of the loose trash left on the ground this morning (not near a bin) were plastic water bottles. I immediately thought they did not want to throw recycles in the garbage and did not know what to do with them. What a relief it will be when Gloucester stops trying to make the carry in out idea fit, and put in place something that does. 😀🌸

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  • I do not understand why you say carry in carry out does not work especially in these photos.I see trash everywhere at a park that supplies barrels and the trash is all over the ground?? There were other barrels that were 1/2 full but were a little more of a walk from these. People throw their recyclable items on the ground because they are trying to save the environment?? I do not understand that?
    If people can’t be bothered to walk a little way to get rid of their trash in a less full barrel what makes anyone think barrels at the beach or a dumpster in the parking lot will make a difference?
    Time I think to bring awareness to our school children who then pass it along. I never put a seat belt on in my car that I don’t hear my children reminding me… Work harder to make Carry in Carry Out a part of our way of doing things, it’s the best thing for our ocean and our coastline.


  • It is disgusting, just put your trash back in your cooler and bring it home. Yesterday I was at Stage Fort Park and it was clean, but did explain to a very nice visitor that it is personal responsibility to clean up after themselves. I think that we need volunteers to help with explaining to everyone to clean up. If you see someone throw trash on the ground, please speak up.


  • Same here. I take my trash home and pick up other peoples’ trash left on the beach. The carry in, carry out isn’t working. I think the City needs more barrels and a big dumpster at the big beaches for the tourists who do want to drive with trash. And people who leave their trash strewn on the beach should be ticketed and fined.

    I also noticed a lot of plastic straws left in the sand at Good Harbor Beach yesterday. Maybe the concession stand and Italian ice vendors could use paper straws or something that is biodegradable.


  • This problem also includes people leaving bags with their dog’s poop. Nothing like walking on to Good Harbor Beach & seeing them piled up there during off season.
    RE trash: Perhaps if a littering fine was enforced, people might start to get the idea.
    There will always be those who just don’t care, but something needs to be done to help correct this mess.
    Carry-in/Carry-out means little to those who don’t care & see no result when they don’t.


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