Last chance: Film producer Alejandro Springall and John Sayles at Cape Ann Cinema

“I like to show my beautiful country.”

Alejandro Springall, Mexican film producer, talk back after The Thin Yellow Line / La delgada línea amarilla screening at Cape Ann Community Cinema, Gloucester, MA.


Last night at Cape Ann Community Cinema was a rare chance to see an auteur film before its American distribution. A memorable talk back with Alejandro Springall — a film producer with a poetic touch– was informative and inspiring. Springall provided behind-the-scenes details on the making of The Thin Yellow Line, other films including ones in collaboration with John Sayles, and the Mexican film industry. Mexican companies can invest in films and write off a deduction with tax incentives built into mandatory state funding for culture. Why give it to the government when your marketing is funding a movie? It’s easy to see why Sayles and Springall have worked together: similar artistic approach to filmmaking, a particular focus on characters, great scripts, and dignity.

John Sayles presents Go For Sisters tonight!

About the 2 Gloucester screenings this week

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  • This is how it is out on the rural aspects of roadways and sometimes travel for long distances without seeing any other vehicles and yes lines tend to wander some along with imaginations. You do have to be extra careful when working the roads had a road member (DOT)get hit close to wagon mound Northern New Mexico not too far back…:-) Dave

    Sit back and enjoy the shows! 🙂 Dave & Kim 🙂


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