• Well done here Donna (So very needed too)!! Once outside the circle well reminds me of this my thoughts and that of a Col…

    Attitude and Action: How we choose to deal with adversity defines who we are. Regardless of the situation we face, our ATTITUDE and the ACTION we take are 100 percent our own. Attitude determines your personal choices. It defines your character. “The small choices matter!”

    Do you accept ownership and responsibility if something goes wrong? Or do you find an excuse to pass it off to something or someone else? My tag line…is you OWN your character…so buy a mirror! Without looking internally or inside yourself and evaluating who you are…what you stand for…you rarely have an accurate picture. Ask yourself for feedback on which you are? It all begins with your action! Listen to other’s their feedback and recommendations, you may be surprised at what you learn and may be the link to you’re missing puzzle piece in your human brief case – tool box from within..

    Action is the catalyst for success, and the right action provides a positive PAYOFF and RESULT! Persistence is required in life and will help you push through difficult situations. Believe me we all felt like why bother persistence and results are the answer to that! Yesterday’s lessons shouldn’t be forgotten because they are the foundation for today’s success. And lastly, your Focus and Fortitude enable you and set examples for others to overcome fear and failures.

    Life is not about what happens to you, but how you CHOOSE to respond to it, and what you leave within others to carry on. We all make mistakes. Hopefully, most are on a small scale. My promise to myself and those I lead, or supervise, is to reflect on those mistakes, to figure out how to not repeat and make better for tomorrow. I choose to tackle whatever life offers me lesson wise with a sponge like soak-it-up positive, objective, and optimistic outlook. This may require you to push yourself away and refocus & refresh (Damn hard for me and constantly something I must work at!) As you have to be part of the change you wish to see. And then start the climb up the mountain again avoiding the slippery areas from previous journey or obstacles on the ascent up. And then, it is our personal Attitude and Actions that will help US grow through its struggling times!

    A special thanks to (Commander-Col Weeks) for your wisdom and words helping me with mine and renewed focus!


  • Thank You! It’s only real bad if I allow it to be and got better when I let go of issues I cannot change! 🙂 Dave

    “The Beginning of Wisdom”


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