I have been hoping to take a photo of a female Eastern Towhee, and here she is, with a mouthful of breakfast for the nestlings! She hopped from tree limb to tree limb with her treasure, ta-weeting all the while; no small accomplishment while tightly clamping down on that big bug.

Look at the beautiful white-tipped underside of her tail feathers

Pretty sunrise over Jones River Marsh

Snapshot of a male Eastern Towhee taken several weeks ago in the same location. I wonder if they are a pair? It’s unlikely we’ll get to see the nest. Female towhees build their nests on the ground and they are well-camouflaged, being made of bark, twigs, and dried leaves. There is a dense tangle of undergrowth where I am filming and it’s probably fraught with ticks, so on the path I stay.

A few more from this morning sunrise over the river


  • Thanks for a special treat, Kim. This Towhee is a bird I have never seen, though I see from the map we In Missouri are on the far west edge of their breeding grounds. It appears they are really into insects, and we have plenty (certainly more than I can consume), so I hope to host some nesters one day. Just beautiful. Thanks, by the way, for your continuing posts on birds, butterflies and the wonders around us. Great photos.

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    • I am finding them along the borders of tangled up, wooded areas. I hope you see one, or both, male and female! My daughter calls the male the reverse Robin 🙂


  • Very nice Kim and the natural bug collector too! I wake to them singing in the park trees and hanging out on TV cable wire or the poles in area too! Great job! 🙂 Dave & Kim 🙂

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