Cape Ann Vernal Pond Team Yard Sale Recap

Greetings from the Pond Team…

We had a great Yard Sale on Saturday – plus a Snakes and Vernal Pond Exhibit. The weather was perfect. We were set up earlier than ever. Breakdown happened faster than ever. We brought in over $1400.00, which is the second most ever.
I wish I could thank everyone by name, but its really not possible with all the Vernal Pond Team members, the Kestrels and everyone who donated items or volunteered some time before, during and after the sale. All I can say is Thank You to everyone for a great fundraising event!

I’ll be at O’Maley School in Gloucester on Friday, June 2, for Visiting Scientist Day meeting with four or five different classes to talk about field biology and a few other things. Not sure what time yet. I could use a volunteer or two to help out. Email if you can assist.

One comment

  • Thanks Kim for updates!! I Loved along with the rest of the Lanesville Rascals went to the ponds and pits that way all kinds of life and some be careful not to disturb snapping turtle for one and how the painted turtles or bull frogs would slip off logs or pads when they hear you coming so had to sneak up on them to get the best look! Oh yes give the black racers some berth too little testy at times! 🙂 Dave & Kim 🙂


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