• Oh but what fun and the wind is every present during the a needed break for sure! 🙂 Dave & Kim 🙂

    An Embrace of the heart:
    – Book Calm Surrender Kent Nerburn, 2000…

    But I cannot embrace a wind; I can only give myself over to it, and let it take me, like a leaf, where it would have me go.

    But the wind is there, like a constant melody, and it is ours to hear if only we open our hearts to its song. That is what this wind commands of me; — that I hear its music everywhere I am, and I add to its voice in any way I can.

    How I listen to this wind is mine alone to decide. But if I listen with a pure heart, and allow it to blow gently into the corners of my life, it will embrace me and lift me and move me in ways I cannot imagine.

    It is a wind blowing warm through the cold regions of our heart, embracing us all, and lifting us in hope and promise toward a vision of what we might yet become.


  • Long ago, my students and I used to putter out to Kettle in our research vessel (my lobster boat) and dive on a steep dropoff this side of the island for mussels. There were plenty of them for our yearly “mussellfeest” at our house in Woburn which was attended by just about every ocean engineering student in the Boston area. I wonder if they are still there or if it is all sea squirts now.


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