• Some young guys late today were dragging it across the marsh to their backyard. When I asked them about it, they said they were making it easier for the DPW to pick it up. I hope that is actually the case. If not, we have a photo of the yard to where it was taken 🙂


    • What else would they do with the chair, put it in their house? There’s not a whole lot of room to hide something like that in this city.


  • I know Fred Sarri loved what the driftwood we would bring to him for his carving of seagulls – we lost these in the fire of our bus that we were going to go that weekend to drive down from Northern NM to mid-NM! It appears a hunter or someone sought refuge in it during a storm and lit the small wood stove and many folks under the influence these days of both drugs and alcohol. There were human tracks located around the outer bus so the person or persons were trespassing on private property located in National Forrest Land!

    Luckily the fire was restricted to bus and a surrounding stand of scrub oak most of this land was cleared so stayed in location of parked bus we came across country in .June- August 1968 lost of memories -memento’s went up in smoke! And the banners of Buzzards Bay, Woods Hole, the bus covered the cape code route probably thought we were Hog farmers of the 1960’s-early 1970’s Era too what a journey at 13 me 🙂 :-O Dave


  • Hopefully they will find the responsible individuals and have a nice chat wiht them – like not allow them on any Cape Ann beach for the rest of the year !!!


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