Car, Truck, and Two Deer Accident

Fortunately both drivers of the two vehicles are uninjured and fine, if not a little shook up. Two White-tailed Deer were struck as they ran across Rt. 128, coming from the Lobsta Land marsh, heading toward the river. Judging from a quick glance, both deer appeared young. The Verizon truck driver and car driver did not sustain injuries, although there is extensive damage to their vehicles. So sorry this happened to them, but very glad they are a-okay.


  • Good nobody was hurt!! Many times when deer are spooked or in a hurry they dart out in front of you and there is not any time to react!

    Yesterday during out walk to mountains this way Kim saw to little deer running across a parking lot of a coffee-shop and food place the abuts the mountain side she pointed it out to me as I was day-dreaming in another direction …We also have a lot pheasants making their rounds along with egrets rice flooded rice fields few ducks too! Dave

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  • Sounds beautiful Dave :).


    • It was everyone needs the like one person who blogs here called (Escape Hatch) 🙂 Dave & Kim 🙂 Be back up there today too afternoon! 🙂


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