Please join the Gloucester Clean City Commission, Councilors Melissa Cox and Sean Nolan, and Seaside Sustainability, Inc. in supporting a ban in Gloucester on all single use plastic bags and polystyrene (Styrofoam) containers like coffee cups and takeout food containers.


We believe this initiative is important in maintaining the beauty of our city and the health of our ocean and land. Given the availability of biodegradable and reusable alternatives and the economic benefits of the proposed ban, we anticipate support from Gloucester’s residents and businesses.

This proposed ban is similar to those already passed in dozens of cities and towns in Massachusetts (and counting) including our neighbors Ipswich, Manchester, Marblehead, and Newburyport. Cities and towns (and entire states – Hawaii) along the coast line of our country have been particularly vigilant in creating this ban.  Just between 2015 and 2016, bills similar to ours were proposed in 23 states regarding the regulation of single use plastic bags and/or polystyrene.  In a recent investigation of Gloucester Harbor using an ROV (remotely operated underwater vehicle), observers reported an abundant amount of plastic bags and Styrofoam cups on the ocean floor.

There are economic and feasible alternatives to these products that all businesses, large and small can stand behind and support!

This petition will be delivered to:

  • City of Gloucester, MA Mayor’s Office
    Mayor Sefatia Romeo Theken
  • City of Gloucester, Office
    Councilor Sean Nolan
  • City of Gloucester, Councilwoman
    Councilor Melissa Cox



  • Doing something about the problem, thank you ~ podcast comments, thank you. I was wondering about the concession stand at the beach parking lot area ~ is that property/stand leased by the city? Until your “ban plan” is operational ~ If property leased, could/would Gloucester add to the lease no plastic ~ no styrofoam? Stop the problem at the origin vs chasing it on the beach. Dare I suggest we bring back the old fashioned PICNIC Basket idea with a thermos ~ coolers with resuable containers. Remembering that we invested money in the containers that we took back home and washed and used again. Perhaps Gloucester gift shops could get in the game with YETI or Pauline’s gifts to script on the other side of the resueable water container GHB or whatever beach anywhere they are selling their product ~ a souvenir that serves a purpose. Teachers ~ in anticipation of summer ~ perhaps students could do beach basket projects with criteria to save the environment ~ create a nutritious lunch ~ how to clean those hands without a handy wipe…

    I don’t imagine I have mentioned anything not thought of before but thanks for allowing me to say it in my moment of dissapointment over the week end events at GHB. I remember, in the 60s, walking GHB around 6pm every summer evening ~ only to find an occasional beach towel ~ No trash ~ not one 5 cent empty bottle!
    Oh my ~ now I’m thinking again ~ returnable plastic bottles!

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  • I’ve asked Melissa Cox for more information about the need to ban plastic bags and invited her to put me in touch with the activists pushing this legislation. To date no one has shared their views with me. From my perspective I find plastic bags useful. To older shoppers bagging their groceries lightly with a number of plastic bags makes transferring purchased easier. We recycle ours by returning them to Market Basket. Some people use them to clean up after their dogs. In my daily walks I don’t see bags littering the roadsides. What I do see are alcohol containers and McDonalds and Dunkin Donut trash. Where are the underwater photos mentioned in this article? Where is the documentation of the problem plastic bags are causing? Why isn’t our municipal trash recycler using available technology to process plastic bags? So many questions but all I can read about is the party line that plastic bags have to be banned.


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