• Really don’t know what we are coming to? Not clear in explains what this event is


    • This is about smokers not throwing their butts in the water, down sewers, or on the ground. The filters take 50 years to dissolve. We are trying to get the city clean without butts all over our streets and ocean. These butt buttlers could help. Like with all litter, butts need to be disposed of properly.


      • Concur with your feelings here Donna respect is always a two-way street! My mom had a saying for us if she saw us tossing something is that where it goes, no we say, well pick it up and put it where it does go lesson learned at 4-5 years of age still present inside>

        Photo accompanying this passage is of a Lakota Staff donated by Vincent Joliet. (Not post here on my card)

        “The circle: In all Indian cultures you will find the circle image. Over and over again; you find it in dances, in the art and in the shape of the lodgings. But more than that, the circle is basis of American Indian beliefs. That everything is connected to everything else. All people and the nature and the maker and no matter where you go and who you become you are still part of it all. And that cannot be ignored, never!” – Vincent Joliet. And American Indian College fund.


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