Turkey Trauma

A few turkeys were walking around the side yard of campus yesterday so I walked outside to take some photos of them.  Imagine my horror when I realized that one had a long arrow straight through its body!  While it seemed to walking fine and keeping up with its friends, it was totally heartbreaking to see.  I can only imagine the pain and discomfort the arrow must be causing.

I made a phone call to Beverly Animal Control who told me to call Fish and Wildlife who told me to call Boston Wildlife Rescue.  They asked for photos and asked for us to keep an eye out to see if the turkey is able to roost at night and whether or not it looks like it is eating, etc.  Hopefully they will come find it this week to see if there is anything they can do.



  • Thank you for sharing, why are people so cruel


  • So very sad and sorry you had to see this Nichole.

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  • The cruelty. Shame on whoever did this. And let’s get out there and help this bird, Fish and Wildlife and/or Animal Rescue and/or somebody!!! This is unconscienable. 😦


  • I can’t believe someone from the wildlife department isn’t coming out. The bird has an arrow through it. Does it really matter if it can roost or eat. Maybe Solve it 7 should look into these wildlife departments.


  • That horrible – what kind of irresponsible jerk leaves an animal to suffer like that??


  • It makes me even angrier that it appears to be a practice arrow. Which, while I’m no expert, probably hurts more while going in as it isn’t as sharp. It also leads me to believe that it most likely wasn’t a hunter, but either a child or someone just fooling around. Also, I want to add that the all agencies were very kind and respectful. Boston explained that it sometimes does more harm than good to capture the turkey and take the arrow out. They wanted to know if it seems to be functioning within normal limits with the arrow in it. Totally sad, but I trust them to be the experts and do what is right.


  • This is amazing- I think that turkey lived in our neighborhood in West Gloucester 2 years ago!
    Truly a survivor, Brava!


  • I know it is cruel. However I am thrilled to see him. He used to come by our yard last year we are in West Gloucester and we had not seen him this spring. We called animal control as well and we’re told that it would be more traumatic for them to remove the arrow.


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