How much energy did we produce with Cazeault Solar? National Grid Owes Us Money! Check Out Our Bill! 

Call Tim Sanborn from Cazeault Solar to find out how you can help the environment and be cash flow positive right off the bat with Solar. Total no-brainer, and Tim’s company makes it look natural on your home.

Call Tim (774) 228-3411

Here’s the proof, and our house is all electric baseboard heat. We’re making money baby! 
I especially like this part-

 “Please do not mail payment. You have a credit balance on your account.”

If you don’t like money, then don’t call Tim. 


  • Actually NG (or any other electric company) won’t be sending you a check. With Net metering your meter is just running backwards to create a credit that will be consumed when you’re using more grid electricity (running forwards) than your array can produce. In reality your meter runs backwards during sunlight hours and forward at night) on a very sunny day. Typically May – July are the most productive months for a solar array. I produce 50% of my electricity (all electric house) via my array during those months. In Jan & February I’m only producing about 15% via my array. You also need to sign up with a broker for SRECs (solar renewable energy credits) for some additional $$. What you really want to track is not the $$ but the kWhs. How many you get from NG and how many you produce with your array. You’ll see that in the winter you tend to use more electricity yet produce less with your array and in the summer it’s just the inverse. So wish for sunny sunny days from May – October! No matter what an array is a good thing for the planet and your wallet!!!


  • Joey – great job on this and big picture using real life/term example can miss this! 🙂 Dave

    Dad has two ground arrays in former goat pastures lots of sun that way a little slim when first rises and sunsets plain – he also is setting up a back-up generator!!


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