North Shore Restorative Yoga

New yoga studio at 25B Lexington Avenue, Magnolia Village of Gloucester, MA 01930. I met Ms. Katie Schroeder on Friday and we had a quick chat. Great space for yoga and Katie was terrific. She also does massage and Reiki right there in the studio.


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North Shore Restorative Yoga
Classes 7 days a week



  • The Smiling Pilgrim



  • Yoga is very bit over across the big pond also – I even remember it being big in the 1980’s and 1990’s and attitude and is everything! The military is also finding it to be very successful along with law enforcement for stress and PTSD relief sooths the spirit and mind! Excellent I have a book at the house get from readers digest on all kinds of subjects have to get title and post I do know it was early 90’s when I got it 1993?

    Great Job very nice place and no one size fits all each area covered too! 🙂 Dave & Kim 🙂

    My Kim beats me every-time when it comes to flexibility and stretching :-O Dave


  • Thank you for bringing this to forefront also! 🙂 Dave


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