Winner, Winner, Minnow Dinner

When asked which bait will attract the most minnows, would you guess bread, hotdogs, chocolate covered granola bar, or cheese?

Well, Finn wanted to know.  My little budding angler and future fishing show host (if you ask him) decided to find the answer to that question for science fair this week.  He chose four types of bait, filled four traps each night, set them in Henry’s Pond at Pebble Beach at 7:00 pm, jumped out of bed at 6:00 a.m., hauled his traps, and counted his catch.

You’ll have to watch the video to see which type of bait did the job the best.  I’m pretty proud of my littlest fisherman!



  • Greg Popovice

    Fantastic video Finn. I am so glad to see that you were able to use the Gee’s G-40 traps for the science fair. I hope that you guys let us know how you made out. If your future is indeed a fishing show host, you can count on Tackle Factory to help you with your needs if we can. Maybe you can make a trip to the factory to do a “How do they make the minnow trap” segment for your fishing show.
    Thank you again,
    Greg & Shelly Popovice
    Tackle Factory

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  • I clicked on this since I happened to know the scientist and thought it might be interesting. It was. In fact I was startled by the excellence of his approach and his dedication to the task. This student is serious and I hope his interest in experimental science continues.


  • Minnows love their carbs. Haven’t they heard of atkins?


  • Great Job life is one big lessons and your immigration and guidance from family is endless great project science class I remember we had this learning experiences growing up that way and hey the great outdoors will teach you lessons all the time some easy some hard but all meaningful! 🙂 Dave & Kim 🙂


  • Spelled wrong Imagination not immigration my Bad sorry! Dave


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