Pellet Pooper Meatloaf for the win

Sundays in my house are usually spent doing groceries and meal prepping for the week’s lunches.   Yesterday hubs and I decided to get some meat smoking on the grill and so I tried a meatloaf recipe that I’ve been eyeing for a while.   I know the boss is a tried and true Weber guy…but we like the “set it and forget it” ease of our Traeger grill which Joey has lovingly referred to as our “pellet pooper”!     You can adapt this any way you like, but I would not leave out the sausage…it gives it an amazing flavor!


1 lbs beef, 1 lbs veal, ½ lb uncased Italian sausage

2 rolls broken up and soaked in ½ c buttermilk

½ c diced onion & ½ c bell pepper & 1 clove diced garlic (microwaved 2-3 minutes to soften)

2 tbsp each Worcestershire, mustard, siracha

2 eggs

1 cup favorite bbq sauce (I use Stubby’s for it’s lower sugar content)

1 lb bacon (dice up and fry 2 slices for inside the meatloaf and use the rest for the outside)

Mix everything but the BBQ sauce up in a bowl.   Make a weave out of the remaining bacon on a piece of parchment.  Put the loaf on the bacon and baste with bbq sauce.   Wrap bacon around loaf and cook on rack with pan underneath so grease can escape.   Smoked at 225 for 45 minutes, then upped the temp to 325 until internal temp was 140.   Basted with BBQ sauce and cooked under internal temp was 160.


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