Mike Perrine and his team are on the job, systematically dismantling the collapsed North Atlantic Fish/Channel Fish building. According to Mike, the use of a barge and crane were considered but just the movement alone of the barge would have guaranteed even further damage to the wharf. Considerable expense is saved by manually removing the building. As Mike’s team is pulling the building down, the debris is being loaded onto a trailer on site.

The work area is fenced off and Mike warns that people not try to sneak on site. This is a very dangerous work zone. The dismantling can easily be viewed from I4-C2 and from the Cape Ann Brew Pub.

Michael Perrine

Mike and his son ZacK.

The two mastiffs are Mike’s and they are named Beauty and Beast 🙂 I didn’t catch ZacK’s dog’s names. Dog friendlies may recognize Mike and ZacK as they generously installed the waterlines for Gloucester’s dog park.

Booming off the water on Friday evening to insure debris does not contaminate the Harbor.

View from the Cape Ann Brew Pub Friday night.

For more information on the collapse see the Gloucester Times here. 



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