• I have always wondered ~ why the name Rafe’s Chasm?


    • Thanks Mary: Hope all is well with you. Here is some information on Rafe’s Chasm. Take good care

      It is not only from a scenic or utilitarian point of view that the rocks of Cape Ann possess an interest: they afford a few natural curiosities, that amply repay the trouble and fatigue of a visit to their several localities. One of these, Rafe’s Crack, which is said to have derived its name from a man named Ralph, who once resided in its vicinity, is a remarkable fissure in a ledge on the seacoast near Norman’s Woe and Kettle Cove. Its length forms a right angle with the shore, from which it extends more than two hundred feet. Is width is irregular; but the greatest is about ten feet. The depth from the highest part of the rock, forming one of its sides to low-water mark, is computed at sixty feet. The ledge is one of the most remarkable on the Cape; being compact, of great size, and presenting, ocean-ward, an aspect of singular boldness and grandeur. The view of the spot, and the hollow, thundering noise of the sea, as it is dashed back from the rocks at the upper end of the chasm, cause every visitor to feel the presence of a sublime and majestic influence.” (1)

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  • beautiful view of boston


  • Beautiful shot here need some happy music and reflection, (Also rest in peace “Erin Moran (Joanie Cunningham) ” we mourn but we also thank you and Celebrate the joy you brought to us like a beautiful view here it never leaves the heart)! Reminded me a lot of that way growing up too 🙂 …Dave & Kim

    Happy Days theme song full length release


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