We love hearing from our readers. Please feel free to ask questions about, and to share your photos of, Cape Ann’s beautiful wild creatures. GMG FOB Susan Larosa shared the extraordinary news that a Vermillion Flycatcher was spotted in Maine, the first recorded sighting EVER. Although they are known to wander, these birds are native to the southwestern region of the United States, and southward. Click on this link to continue reading the full story: The National Audubon Society says a web camera has captured the first confirmed sighting in Maine of a colorful species of bird typically seen in the southwestern part of the country.

Range map of the Vermillion Flycatcher–no where near New England!

Facebook Friend Linda shared the next two photos, wondering what bird? Linda, I think the photos are of the Greater Yellow Legs. Where was the photo taken (general area, you don’t have to be super specific) and approximately how big do you think it was, compared to other birds, for example. Greater and Lesser Yellow Legs are often confused. I have seen far more Lesser than Greater Yellow Legs on Cape Ann but the bill seems extra long, which would indicate a Greater Yellow Legs.

Range Map of Greater Yellow Legs showing it is a passing migrant through our region


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