Wow and double wow!! So many thanks to Ralph Martin at Preferred Auto Body for making my old(ish) car look brand new!!

This past winter I pulled over to the side of the road on Harbor Heights and got caught in a huge pot hole next to a storm drain. It tore my bumper and ripped out the front undercarriage. Shortly after that, I was bumped from the rear at the traffic lights on the 128 extension (by a super nice guy). Thanks to Ralph at Preferred Auto, they fit me into their busy schedule to take care of both, the front and the rear messes. My Prius was back at home in less than a week and it looks fabulous! Preferred Auto did an amazing, amazing job matching the paint, and on top of that, touched up a few scratches that were on the side of the car.

While my car was in the shop, they lent me a cute loaner car–a Toyota Corolla–very easy to drive, and at zero cost! I can’t recommend Preferred Auto Body enough.

Preferred Auto Body is located at 7 Pond Road in Gloucester. Phone: 978-283-2008 and ask for Ralph.

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