Northeast Ohio Rocks! in the Bahamas?

The boys found this rock the other day in front of our terrace in the Bahamas.  Turns out that it was painted and hidden in Ohio by a member of the Northeast Ohio Rocks! group.  I snapped a couple of photos and shared our find on their Facebook page.  In no time the “owner” of the rock wrote back saying,

We just painted that rock a few weeks ago (last week of March over our Spring Break) and hid in our tiny little hometown at a gas station. We knew it had been found as it was gone not long after we placed it there, but never dreamed it would make it out of the country! I painted that rock because my 7 year old son is obsessed with the Goodyear Blimp and was able to take a ride in it two years ago! I can’t wait to see where it will end up!

Kind of cool.  So, now it is our turn to hide the rock.  Hmmm.  After the Bahamas we were off to the Islamorada and Key Largo in the Florida Keys for a couple of nights, now we’re in Hilton Head for two more days, and then we’ll drive through a whole bunch of states before landing home in Rockport.

I wonder where the rock will end up next.  Great fun!  Thanks, Northeast Ohio Rocks!



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