Delta Terminal and Dunks

I’d like either Cape Ann Coffee or Lone Gull or Willow Rest To Open Up At Logan. Please and Thank You.

So we get through the TSA screeners and inside the Delta Terminal.  With the 2:45AM wake up time a Kate and I were looking forward to a coffee.  Her order- Iced French Vanilla.  She heads to the gate with the two youngest, and my oldest The Bean stays back to get coffees with me.

There’s about six or seven dining options including Fresh City Wraps, Friendlies, Dunks and some burrito place, all serving breakfast.  Line at Dunks is 40 deep.  Biggest line at the other spots is 3 people max. 

I go to Fresh City Wraps because they are serving breakfast and ask for an iced coffee, they say they don’t have iced coffee.  They’re serving coffee.  They have ice.   But they won’t sell me an iced coffee.  

Go to the next stall, the Burrito place which is also open, serving breakfast.  “Can I get an iced coffee?”  

“No, we don’t sell iced coffee.”  

But they’ve got coffee, and they’ve got mountains of ice.”

They just won’t put the ice in the coffee and take my money completing the transaction like a normal business would.

We all know and have become accustomed to getting ass raped by shtty airport food pricing not to mention shitty airport food, but I can’t for the life of me figure out why in the world the management of these chains have decided that it’s a good business decision to not take my money for stuff they have at their fingertips even when they could have porked me at overpriced airport pricing. 

Meanwhile at the very next stall to the Burrito place Dunks has a line 40 deep and they are twiddling their thumbs at Fresh City Wraps and The Burrito place. 

Only thing I could think of was that maybe Dunks has a deal where only they and Starbucks can sell Iced coffee? Could that be? Otherwise the management at Fresh City Wraps and the Burrito place need to be fired immediately for not offering overpriced airport iced coffee when they sell coffee and have ice.

Am I crazy for thinking this is crazy?


  • So ~ I usually respond to the butterflies, birds, and beloved Bass Rocks posts. Be assured, I love your posts too and the local information you provide. I feel Kate’s pain ~ when you gotta have an iced coffee you gotta have an iced coffee and your aim ~ you gotta please the women you left your children with. I could kind of see that the places you went to might have (dare I say) blown you off but Fresh City Wraps advertises “MADE FOR YOU ~ All of our recipes start with the freshest ingredients, prepared fresh daily. And because each meal is made to order, (I would think that included drinks) you can ask for yours exactly the way you’d like it. Low-fat? We can do that! No cheese? we aim to please!”. So yup ~ gotta agree ~ they should have put some “we can do that” and “we aim to please” in that to-go cup. Or, perhaps a coffee smoothie ~ does that sound reasonable? Did you know that, also quoted from their page, “Fresh City Smoothies are blended fresh-to-order.” By now, I trust the plane has landed, the kids are excited, that you have packed everything and that you are MAYBE staying in a hotel with a grill 😉

    Wishing you fun travels ~ safe travels ~


  • Very frustrating – and so are great with customers and some not! I had this happen on a very long flight into San Francisco coming from South Korea 1980! after being delayed due to flight issues we were late too and spent the night in USO great folks here took care of us! The USO was the way around it!!


    Allman Brothers Band – Soulshine


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