coastal living: a Long Beach walk combines ocean view, front row cottages, and beach

Long Beach panoramic (click picture to enlarge) view at low tide, April 2017. The barrier rip rap is mightily exposed. At other times the large boulders are buried beneath deep sand.



This spring awakening is calm. Most of the homes remain prepped for winter.

Do you know how many front row cottages line Long Beach?

The view from the beach at low tide (ocean at my back) in two parts.


Long Beach animation front row cottages beach appeal 1 of 2


Long Beach animation front row cottages beach appeal 2 of 2


  • What a delight to see your pix of Long Beach! My family had a home there for 30 years and it is still my favorite place in the world. I used to call it my “Happy Place ” when I was a kid. Thanks so much for publishing it.


    • We were #45 Long Beach. From what I understand the numbering has changed so I don’t know what it would be. We were the only home that had a double lot because we were right on the fire break. It was great


      • Hi. I don’t know about the numbering. #45 is midway and right at a fire break —

        #45 would fall about midway --

        Does that seem familiar? #44 Long Beach #1 is FOR SALE– condos now that were a hotel. It was the Pappas’ (1970 on) 13 room Chicataubut Inn, meant ‘happy home’– not sure when that jives with your family time there–but your comment that you called it your Happy Place made me think of it.


  • Thank you for writing 🙂 Long Beach holds on to people, that’s for sure. Where was your home?


  • Interesting. Close quarters. Summer summer summertime.


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