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Vortex Burn Barrel Build and Operation

I got a 55 gallon steel drum at North Shore Scrap Metal a couple of days ago for use as a burn barrel.

After doing a little research and with a few DIY modifications I burned the brush in the yard pretty darn efficiently.

Before you attempt any of the you should consult the city website and Fire Station to be sure you pull a permit and are burning on a day the City allows burning.

First drilled holes using a half inch drill bit about 4-6 inches from the bottom of the barrel and about ten inches apart.

Then go up about six inches and over three and make more holes going around the barrel.

Also drill some holes in the bottom so water can escape and the burn barrel won’t rust out as quickly.

Next use a sawzall or jigsaw to cut the Barrel from hole to hole diagonally.

Next stick a hammer pulling end into the slot and pull it so there’s an opening for air to stoke your fire.

Prop your barrel up on bricks, make sure you are far from structures and keep a hose close by, wet down the surrounding area and start a small fire.


Why is the full moon in April called the Pink Moon? It’s not because it is pinker, but because wild woodland phlox (Phlox divaricata), one of the earliest native plants to flower, comes into bloom in many regions in April (and in May in other areas). April’s full moon is also called the Fish Moon, Egg Moon, and Sprouting Grass Moon. These names were assigned to the moons by native American tribes, which in turn passed them along to the early colonists.

Full Pink Moon over Niles PondGood Harbor Beach

One more from Niles Pond

April’s Pink Moon from the Farmer’s Almanac illustrating woodland phlox


At beautiful bunny cottage! The charming bunny houses at Nichols Candy House were made by Diane P. Don’t you love her imaginative details? Notice even the tiny blue eggs on the window frame and chimney

Nichols has vintage chocolate molds to celebrate every season. One year as a surprise, Barbara Nichols made me a very special Scotty dog, made from one of their antique molds. She’ll make one for you, too, by special order. The bunny in the foreground is made from a vintage mold.

Toni Ann Enes joins Fly Amero this Wednesday 7-10pm @ The Rhumb Line 4.12.2017


Dinner Specials Each Week!
Wednesday, April 12th – 7pm
Special Guest: TONI ANN!













She’s back! The wonderful Toni Ann Enes joins us once
again this week at the Rhumb! Great music from one of
Gloucester’s most cherished treasures. We hit at 7pm! ~ Fly
Dinner with great music!
*Each week features a special, invited musical guest
The Rhumb Line Kitchen……now features Janet Brown with some new and healthy ideas!
Plus a fine, affordable wine menu!
4/19 * J.B. Amero

4/26 * Chick Marston

5/03 * Ron Schrank

5/10 * Tony Frontiero

5/17 * Inge Berg

5/24 * Jon Butcher
40 Railroad Avenue
Gloucester, MA 01930
(978) 283-9732

Evviva Cucina is a Must Try

A couple of weeks ago I wrote about our fabulous evening at the North Shore Magazine’s Grand Tasting event up in Salisbury.  Of all of the vendors on site, and I assure you that I sampled many, my favorite was Evviva Cucina.

I couldn’t have been happier to learn that they are located in Beverly….mere minutes from my work.  And, since my co-workers and I are always looking for a good place to unwind after a long (or short) work week, I have a feeling we’ll be visiting somewhat often.

Evviva Cucina is located at 45 Enon Street in Beverly….as well as their Westford, MA location.  Their “Italian Inspired, American Made” Food to Cheer combines fresh ingredients, robust flavor, and a fair amount of flare…and is as beautiful as it is delicious.

Speaking of beautiful!  Look at their space!  Not only is the inside funky and fun…but the outdoor eating and corn hole makes it a destination…not just a restaurant.  Grab some friends and your appetite….and share some laughs, eats, and drinks!

See you there!

Check out their website HERE


Evviva Cucina’s Philosophy, you may ask?

An appreciation for the finer things in life, the hard work it takes to create
them and the commitment to share them with others was the foundation for Evviva Cucina.  

Our focus was the kitchen, the gathering area for friends and family to experience
the Chef’s scratch-made, regional Italian dishes. Designed to make
our bustling kitchen the show, allowing our guests to interact and appreciate the skill
and dedication shown by our kitchen team. This unique atmosphere proves a worthy setting for your culinary tour through Italy.

Our dedication to scratch-made cooking is only matched by our passion for making it available to a wide range of guests. It was our belief that quality Food and Drink should be priced so that all can experience it’s greatness. We believe that we have created a formula that will have all our guest’s saying Evviva per la Cucina.






It Was A @WeberGrills Kinda Day

Northeast BBQ

The day started off cleaning a Black Stainless Steel First Generation Performer Up. She had quite a buildup of charcoal on the bowl but after a couple of hours of razor blade and steel wool she came out shining-

The afternoon brought about a walk around the Back Shore and Past The Wharf. On this walk I’d taken dozens of times and at an old apartment house I’d driven past thousands and thousands of times was a neglected pretty rare Green 18 inch Weber One-Touch Premium. She’s in very rough shape. Needing a new lid vent, a new handle(this one is melted), new charcoal and cooking grates and some serious deep cleaning. The frame and table are in very good shape though.

I spotted her on the walk but was not going to be stopping as I was with my beautiful Kate.

Later that evening I knocked on the door…

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Pins for Paws!

Cape Ann Community

PinsforPaws 3.2017

Join Cape Ann Animal Aid supporters for a fun night of bowling at Cape Ann Lanes at 6pm on Thursday, April 20, 2017. Cost is $20 per person, teams of 4 to 6, and includes 3 strings of bowling and shoe rental. Food, wine, and beer will be available for purchase. The event is a fundraiser for the Animal Aid’s Gloucester Pride Stride Team, raising money for the Veterinary Care Fund for shelter animals.  Please call Rebecca Baylies at 978-283-6055 x23 or email to reserve your spot.

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