Rockport School System goes Solar With Cazeault Solar! 

Rockport School System goes Solar!


Rockport Public Schools is proud to announce that sufficient funds have now been raised to install a pole mounted solar array system at the site of their new greenhouse, wellness and sustainability center on the school’s campus. The solar project will also include an internet based monitoring software system which will allow students in their classrooms to visually see on a daily basis the benefits of using solar energy not only financially but in the future preservation of our previous environment.


“ I am so pleased to be able to spearhead this project. The students all hear and see solar systems going on homes and businesses. Now we will be able to teach then about the concept of solar and how it is good for us today and in the future” – Rob Liebow – Superintendent of Rockport Public Schools


“ We are grateful to work with Mr. Liebow and the Rockport Public Schools on this special project. We will continue to work with the staff and students to give seminars on the benefits of solar. Mr. Liebow initiative should be commended as he is bringing the teachings of new emerging technologies to the students of Rockport.  What fun we will have working with the students”. – Tim Sanborn, owner of Cazeault Solar and Home.


Pictured – Left to Right – Tim Sanborn, Cazeault Solar and Home, Rob Liebow, Superintendent of Rockport Public Schools, Sam Ziergelbel, Cazeault Solar and Home.


Tim Sanborn
Cazeault Solar

978-281-4625 office

774-228-3411 mobile


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